Nature vs Nurture debate


The nature vs nurture debate is still a very widely known debate on people in our society and scientists trying to figure out what really causes humans to act the way they do. Isn't because of their genes or is it the way they were raised and taught? Most people today think that it is a combination of both genes and the environment a person is raised in. Everyone knows that a nature trait is when a person is born with the same color eyes as their parent or the same facial is something that is in their genes that came from a parent. Scientists also believe that some other traits like a persons personality or sexual orientation, just to name a few also are hereditary and come from their parent's gene. A nurture trait is more like a behavioral aspect as in a person's temperament that they could have seen around them in their environment. Both are believed to have a great impact on a person's upbringing and how they are in society.


I agree with the points you made. I think that it would be extremely difficult to test whether nature or nurture contributes more to a person's personality and behavior. Both play a huge role in structuring a person's personality in multiple aspects such as their moral values, how they act in formal settings, and how they greet others.

I also agree with your blog. Both Nature and Nurture plays a big role in how a person develops.

I agree and understand that both nature and nurture play a huge role in determining the personality and behavior of a human being. The website link you attached was very informative on the early developing of this debate and it gave numbers that supported both nature being very influential along with nurture. I think that the reason this is such a hard thing to measure is because it varies from person to person. I think that everyone is different and that some people might be affected very easily by their surroundings, where other people their genes might contribute to most of the characteristic they posses.

You state great points for both sides. I agree that they both have a great impact on how one is raised and how they grow as well. This debate will probably never cease to exist, because there are so many factors from both sides that scientists can't seem to come to an answer.

I agree with what you said about the nature vs nurture blog. There are indeed traits that natural that you mentioned such as eye color and there are trait that people receive through nurture such as their temperament. You also mentioned that some trait such as personality and sexual orientation could also be hereditary (natural traits). When you mentioned that I thought about how traits such as those are effected by both nature and nurture. Its not just one side that causes those traits because they can result from either side.

Nature vs Nurture is really quite the argument and while its easy for me at least to establish a lot of natural traits off the bat (the ones you mentioned for instance) the broadness and sometimes un-predictability of what traits are changed by nurture is really quite crazy to think about. The argument i would say is going to be endless, because only so much can be proven or disproven when it comes down too nurture.

In my opinion, Nature is more important than nurture because in psy1001 class,someone could easily get an A but others need to study very hard to achieve that. I guess the intelligence accounts huge part of it.

I think the nature vs nurture debate is a very important concept because it can affect how we look at ourselves as a species. It can help to know how some people become more succesful that others and help others in the process who are behind in a certain intelligence. The idea of IQ plays a huge role in nature vs nurture and why people are who they are.

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