Bad Mojo and It's cousin Insomnia


In chapter five one section is on insomnia. Unfortunately they know less about this field than many other sleep disorders. Part of this is due to the fact that there is a huge spectrum of things that can cause you to lose sleep. When it's to the point that you take a sleeping pill stay away from Ambien and Lunesta. When you wake up in the morning with a black eye and two foot by one foot contusions on your body, and a couple cracked rib's time to change sleep meds. Attached is a link of people who have had all similar in one way or another but varied widely in what has happened to them on ambien. Bringing the Circadian Rhythm into this I wish we had a study not on ambien but on the level of hormones that the brain releases while on ambien as well as when in the cycles of sleep and comparing the eeg of of a normal sleeping person to that of one on ambien, how does it effect the cycles. The Biology of sleeping and wakefulness is pretty specific, what happens when and for how long etc. I have no reservation to jump on the bandwagon of banning ambien till they have fixed the side effects that can be dangerous to oneself and others (for example: sleep driving, or having conversations that you have NO idea you had!!!). It might seem like an easy fix especially for us in school who encompass many of the things that disturb sleep: stress, being interactive with work just before sleep, up too late, up too early, depressed (F*&^ I can't believe I got that grade, what am I gonna do now!!), stressed, meeting new people aka relationships and dealing with them both positive unfortunately negative sometimes. My point is, unless your doctor can tell you HOW a drug works and if it's side effects are safe, stick to warm milk or chamomile or both (in my opinion of course).


I found this interesting because as a fellow college student, I definitely suffer from slight insomnia and not being able to sleep due to stress. I remember reading this and thinking how crazy it is that there are all sorts of chemicals to help you sleep, yet they all have fairly dangerous side effects that could be worse than losing some sleep! I like that you bring up the different side effects, and that unless your doctor can tell you exactly how it works, sticking to safer alternatives is a good idea!

The idea of taking sleeping pills like ambien and lunesta scare me a lot. It is really scary knowing that you pretty much don’t have control over your body while you are taking this medicine. I know how important sleep is to a persons health, but I was wondering if you are truly getting the right kind of sleep while you are taking these medicines.

I have read some crazy things about ambien! It is seriously so scary that you can appear to be a functioning being to other people when you are actually completely unconscious.... I read an article about a woman who became scarily dependent on her ambien and some of the side affects along with her addiction ultimately ended her marriage in divorce! All prescriptions have the potential of unpleasant side affects, but I feel that when the side affects include things like sleep driving, you should seriously consider the benefits versus the costs! There are many things that cause insomnia that can be combatted with natural solutions; a ten minute walk, meditation, turning off your electronics... Personally, I am not going to go anywhere near prescription sleep aids!!

I agree with your. I had insomnia sometimes before, it was horrible. But it usually happens under huge pressure which i give to myself. So, if i am having a good mood right now, I may avoid of having insomnia.

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