The Terrors of Night Terrors


Night Terrors
I found the topic of night terrors incredibily interesting, mainly because I have never experienced them (and am very lucky to not!) I always assummed that they were just nightmares, but the idea of waking up and screaming, sweating like crazy, being confused and not remembering any of it is actually really terrifying. I thought it was intriguing that even though the person who is having the terror appears to be experiencing an awful dream, it is more distressing to an onlooker. I think it is interesting that they can appear to be something really awful, yet not really be of any danger to the person at all except for showing that that person may be under huge stress. It makes me curious though to what extent a person can remember having terrors, and if their dreams are really awful because if they aren't aware of it happening, do they remember anything at all? I'm also curious as to how much of a physical strain they have on the body as well such as being more exhausted than normal, or any other "harmful" side effects.


I can only say that I am also happy that I have never experienced them and I hope I never will! Removals

I can relate directly to this topic because as a kid especially, and even now here and there, I experience night terrors. It is like a nightmare, but there is also a physical reaction. I can vividly remember most of my night terrors because they consist of my biggest phobias and worries. I end up trying to scream to get attention in my dreams, but nothing comes out so I try to scream harder and louder. This in turn makes me scream in reality, and usually it is really loud. My boyfriend has experienced seeing me in the process of a night terror where I was once dreaming about a giant spider, and he said that I looked sound asleep, yet I was beginning to try to scream and move, and eventually just blurted out. He shakes me awake, and once I am awake I find myself confused and suddenly snapping back into reality. I have an increased heart beat and it takes only a few minutes to fall right back to sleep. Other than that, there is no really harmful effects. Sometimes I even wake myself up depending on how bad the nightmare was and how physical I got. It is a very scary feeling and I used to be scared to sleep alone as a child, in fear of having another night terror. I'm still wondering how one develops to have ore night terrors than the next and how one develops to have stronger effects than the other. You are lucky you have not experienced this, it definitely is not a fun time!

This is very interesting because my roommate right now in college is a very... lets say avid dreamer and dreams constantly and reacts all the time in his sleep. He tells me about a lot of these dreams and a lot seem to be nightmares. He tends to talk in his sleep while dreaming even occasionally yell something before falling back into a deep sleep, but i wonder if he has had a night terror, and i simply slept through it. Though i find this hard to believe its just something that popped into my head because he has yelled and done some plain weird stuff while he was asleep.

As for remembering the night terror I also wonder if they remember anything at all. From what I have experienced I often do not remember many details from my dreams if I even remember anything. I wonder if night terrors might be more memorable because of how much of an effect they can have on the dreamer compared to a normal dream.

This topic is so interesting to me. I have never known anyone who has experienced night terrors or anything of that sort. I also have never experienced night terrors. Although sometimes if I am really emotional in my dream, such as sad or angry, I will physically react. I once punched my exboyfriend while sleeping and screamed, "Eff you!" at him. Haha. However, when emotions tend to become too overbearing in my dream, I also often wake up. It's sort of weird, really.

When i was a little girl i would have really bad nightmares! Almost every night i would toss and turn and eventually wake up because of a bad dream i was having and it was horrible! The thing is i did remember what was happening sadly. I cant imagine what it would be like to have that 100 times stronger, not remembering and even being violent. It would be horrible. I wonder if there are correlations to night terrors like i dont know, watching horror movies or being anxious, or something like that.

Up until I was five, I apparently used to have incredibly fear provoking night terrors... My mother still shudders talking about them... Apparently she, and the rest of the family, would wake up to floor shaking screams about caterpillars (pronounced "callerpillars") and a thrashing screaming child. Personally, I am SO glad I do not remember these terrors in the least. It is both a relief and a puzzle that these dreams to not really present any danger to the dreamer when the reactions are so violent! I also am curious about the fact that people generally don't remember their night terrors once they wake up.... The memory, even while we are unconscious, is a complex thing!

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