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I never realized how accurate IQ tests really were until I took this class. I know there is a lot of controversy over using IQ tests as a means of hiring people because it is not always accurate. However whether people like it or not, IQ tests have been proven to be extremely accurate at predicting job performance. Previously I had thought that IQ tests were similar to the ACT and they just tested you on facts and vocabulary (which is not testing intelligence), but what I wont forget about the IQ tests in that they are testing intelligence in many different ways, some in which you know even need to know any language to answer the question. This is a good example of an IQ questions that you don't need to know a language for. com.palee.iqTestMaster_0.jpg
I think the idea of labeling people as a number rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but your IQ is not telling you what you are capable of, it is just telling you how easy it is for you to learn knew things. I think people need to remember that their IQ score is not supposed to be a restriction, but it is more of a guide as to how hard you should work when trying to achieve something. People also need to remember that IQ tests test your overall intelligence, which means that if you are bad in spatial reasoning that does not mean that you aren't brilliant at listening to others and problem solving.
Andy Wharhol, a very famous pop artist had an IQ of 86 and he was very successful!andy-warhol.jpg
JFK only had an IQ of 119.
A few more interesting facts that I won't forget are, we are probably smarter than our grandparents. IQs have been increasing over time and they are estimated to continue to increase.


Interesting blog! I liked how you remind us that IQ tests our overall intelligence and also that we shouldn't use it as a restriction but instead use it as a guide to show us how hard we need to work. I liked your examples of famous people's IQ and how IQ scores get higher as time goes on.

Very good article on the IQ test. We know that IQ test is not the most important test for determine one person but it still courts a lot

This was a very interesting blog! I also found IQ tests extremely interesting! It is a very useful tool in helping understand your own means of intelligence but you make a good point that it doesn't limit one's perseverance and ability to be successful.

The IQ test has always been interesting, I remember taking one when I was 12, and I think I got a pretty high score, well over 100 and I never really thought much of it until this class. The example IQ question is a great test of intelligence, but it's really just following the previous pattern above. Another thing that I thought of while reading this is for every time you consider yourself smarter than someone else, it may be true in one are such as math or critical thinking, but that person could be smarter than you when it comes to problem solving and spatial thinking. So you can never really consider yourself to be overall smarter than anyone. Nice blog.

If it is a tool for employers to choose potential employees doesn't it limit one's ability to be successful? Just because someone can more easily learn new things doesn't necessarily mean that they are a harder worker than someone who has a lower IQ.

I think that the Act does not really test the abilities that people have it really just depends on whether you have taken certain classes and what you have learned throughout schooling. The IQ test is a better way of showing how capable you are of solving problems and being a spatial thinker.

I am also somehow sceptical about the aquracy of the IQ tests and their real applicance in the real life, apart from giving you a certain score that you now you have! Even more so, one can learn how the wayof the spatial reasoning operates and better the received score, right?! Thanks for the interesting post though:)

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