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With hundreds of languages in the world it's fascinating to me that we are all born with knowing the same phonemes and then change, lose or gain some, as we grow older. I think that I'll remember the young children can differentiate between different phonemes in foreign languages when they are young and then lose the differentiating ability but they can eventually gain some back if they are exposed to it by a native speaker in person. I always find language to be interesting because I feel as though I can still tell the differences between different words in foreign languages even if it is a subtle difference. For example when we watched the video in class, I could tell the difference between the two words that the speakers gave even though they sounded the same to everyone else. I have always kind of wondered why I have been able to do that and if other people can do it too. It would be interesting to see if there has been research done on individuals who seem especially adept at differentiating between languages even if they weren't brought up in a bilingual household. I sometimes contribute my ability to the fact that my mom would speak some Spanish, since she was fluent but never really taught me or siblings, and she used to sing us kids to sleep by singing Slovak lullabies.

Though this video doesn't necessarily address this blog, I found it interesting and it kind of is just a summary of language acquisition and development. Enjoy!


I really like the picture you included especially how colorful it is. I also agree with you that language is fascinating in itself especially how we have the abilities to differentiate between the phonemes of languages other than our native language or languages that we already speak.

I have always thought that language has been an interesting thing. Just thinking about how we learn a language being so young and for someone to create a language is unreal. I'm sure it does make a difference on how fast you pick up a language if you already are bilingual.

Being bilingual myself, I find your blog really interesting. I grew up speaking Hmong and English simultaneously. It's so interesting how children can learn distinctions between languages and how fast they can pick up on speaking both languages. I don't know any child who is unable to do so, or who confuses the languages. Good job! :)

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