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When starting Psychology, I had no idea what classical conditioning was, or how it affected my everyday life. But I believe years from now it will be the thing I remember most from this class. When I first heard about Pavlov and his experiment with the salivating dogs, I was somewhat skeptical and thought it was an absurd experiment. But not long after I realized I had classically conditioned myself to many things.

This experiment happened naturally within my own life only days ago. The last few years I have always disliked country music. I claimed haughtily to all my friends I would "never listen to that garbage." But then during this spring when I would grill out during the warm days country music would play. At first I didn't enjoy it, but the more it became associated with grilling, and the relaxing days in the sun the more I enjoyed country music. Lately I have been listening to country music willingly and by my own choice. I much like Pavlov dogs, had unknowingly been introduced to an outside source which caused some sort of positive arousal. Whether I wanted it to or not.

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Out of all the psychology topics that I have been introduced to this year, classical conditioning is the one I feel most relevantly pertains to my own life. It will be the one that I keep recognizing years to come.


I also had no Idea how prevalent conditioning was! I have had a similar situation with rap music. I used to hate rap music and now that my friends listen to it all of the time, whenever I hear it I think of hanging out with my friends and I associate happy thoughts with rap music. But I have also noticed it in a lot of other aspects of my life as well. This is a great blog!

I would have to say that I also had no idea what classical conditioning was and I have never even heard of it until I took this class. You gave a great example of how classical conditioning worked in your life. I enjoyed reading your blog.

You wrote about classical conditioning too! Honestly, classical conditioning will probably be the only concept that I will remember from this course due to the fact when I learned it I understood it, but didn't understand it at the same time. It's really interesting. I also like how you connected classical conditioning to country music; it's cool to know of real life examples. Good job!

Great example! I never realized how subtle classical conditioning can be in everyday life! The same happened to myself and rap music, but I never thought anything of it. Classical conditioning real is all around each and every one of us, which is why so many of us will recognize now more than ever. It's interesting to think that even the slightest things we do can all relate back to psychology. Good job!

Similar situation, but mine was with top 40 music. I couldn't stand to listen to the radio, I would rather listen to anything but that, but as I listened to it more, it turned out to not be as bad as I thought it would be. I still would rather listen to anything else, but every now and then it's okay, I just hate that they replay the same 10 songs all day! Also, I never thought classical conditioning would be a big part of my life, but it happens all the time. Good job!

You say that it's willingly of your own choice to listen to this music, but is it really? Or is it more of your subconscious desire for that relaxed status that you once enjoyed? Freewill isn't always what we think. Great blog though!

I agree because I never realized how subtle it could be either until I read the example. I can't really think of an example in my own life but I am sure there are many of them and if they were pointed out to me I would probably notice how it is actually related to this idea.

I agree with you on this because I too never believed that I would like hip hop music but as many of my friends did and I was continually exposed to that type of music I began to recognize a lot of the words and the music. I can greatly relate to what it is that you mean.

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