Hard Work Pays Off


I believe that I will always remember one of Pavlov's classical conditioning's, positive reinforcement. I say this because it always comes to mind when I do something that is rewarding, whether it is school related or work related, and it will always pay off. For example, with every well written paper you do, there's a good grade behind, creating a positive reinforcement feeling, knowing that the amount of effort that you put into it came out of it.
Another example is in the work force, at the end of every other week, there is a pay check waiting for you with your name on it, and if the dollar amount is high, it goes to show you that hard work pays off and it doesn't get any better than that.paycheck.jpg
All in all, positive reinforcement will be apart of my future, as an architect major, it will come from anything and everything that I produce, whether it be a failed prototype or an outstanding design that may be constructed somewhere, because hard work pays off.


This is something that will also always stick with me because it is really important to think positively because if you think negatively you can psych yourself out where as thinking positively and telling yourself you can do something your chances are of being able to complete that task is higher.

Good examples! I feel like classical conditioning is around us no matter what, like a previous blogger blogged about not liking country music then getting accustomed to it. Naturally, we all like to be rewarded for the things we do, big or small, so Pavlov really hit it to home when he discovered this concept. Positive reinforcement is always a great feeling, and I agree with you one hundred percent. We were all learning about this subconsciously even before we could talk! Good post!

I agree that it is important to think positively. I often find it very hard to concentrate on writing a paper for example, however, if I can manage to turn the subject of the paper into something that actually interests me ill think more positively about it and do a better job.

Great blog, classical conditioning definitely seems to be everywhere. The more I think about this topic, the more I realize how prevalent it is in everyday life. I had this same experience with country music when I was getting positive reinforcement while listening to it.

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