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To me, something that I learned this semester in PSY 1001 that will most likely stay with me for the next few years (and possibly the rest of my life!) is the task of consevation.

Piaget explains that children in the preoperational stage do not pass the test of conservation. Piaget's task of conservation requires children to understand that despite a transformation in the physical presentation of an amount, the amount remains the same.

Here is a video that show several great examples of tasks of conservation and how a young child executes the task and the reasoning he gives for his answers.


Watching videos like the one above never cease to amaze me. For college students like us, the idea splitting a group of coins into two equal groups and then stretching one row apart does not affect the amount of coins in the row comes very easily to us and seems like second nature, but in the eyes of a child this becomes a much different story.

Children of a young age seem to grasp onto the belief that such physical changes can change the amount of a substance. Until about age seven or so, children seem to believe that "since A is visually bigger than B, A must have more this substance!"

I for one hope that I can test this on a child I hope to have some time in the future!


I too will always remember this concept. In part because I was that kid who always thought I was being skimmed out of the bigger glass of juice than my sisters, even in reality our amounts were the same! It's funny to think that I actually thought like that, but now I understand why. It is very interesting how our minds function at different ages and stages of our lives, which is why I hope to study more about the brain in the future. Great video example!

This is a very fascinating concept. It is extremely interesting to realize how complicated our mind is and the tasks it is able to perform without us even knowing! But it becomes very obvious how much more developed we have become once we watch tests like this. Great blog!

I agree with never being able to forget this concept because it is so interesting. At this age, I never would have thought that a child under seven could not tell the difference between the same amount of coins in two rows, but one is just stretched out. As well as different size cups with the same amount of liquid. It is something that I have always known, but never really thought much about it. It would be interesting to test this on children just to see for myself. Great example!

I agree that I will remember this idea of conservation because people just can't remember a time in which they couldn't tell that both glasses actually contained the same amount, so, I for one just never thought of the idea of conservation is viewed by children.

I think its important to know all of these things because we can barely remember ourselves the things that we didn't used to know. Its interesting to see how our development has changed over the years and things like conservation have grown to become knowledge without us really acknowledging it.

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