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Although psychology in general interests me, the topic that I will probably remember as the years pass is the subject of memory. The idea that our memory, something that we as humans rely on so heavily, is so malleable and error prone is absolutely terrifying. It was disconcerting to think of my past and question if my memories were reflections of reality, or my own mind's construction. Reading about people who had confessed to horrific crimes and actually believed that they had committed them (when they hadn't)was both shocking and fascinating.
Or there was the phenomenon in which subjects would report completely different experiences a year after an event than they had the previous year. None of these subjects were "lying", but their accounts were not consistent with those that they had previously recorded. The minds of the people in the study had created an entirely different memory.
I feel that the section in memory really intrigued me because it reflects how much of "reality" is based on the faulty memories of humans. It goes to show that one person could have an entirely different perception of a shared experience than another person, but both memories would be completely real to each observer.


Memory is a fascinating part of psychology. Before taking general psychology I had no idea that our memories could change so much. They can even create false memories like the ones we studied in discussions about confessing to crimes. It makes me wonder how much testimonies in court can be used as evidence, because it is very possible that the witnesses are remembering things incorrectly. I will remember this for a very long time.

After learning about the memory section I have often doubted the extent of my own memory. You're very right that human memories are faulty and at times I think maybe many of my memories have happened differently than I remember them, or if I even do remember them. Great blog, very interesting!

I think human memory is a very ambiguous thing. We usually have lots of wrong memory, kind of bias memory and those memory give us wrong directions. Great blogs, I like it

Your post has made me think of how ironic it is that human beings rely so heavily on memory when it is so "malleable and error prone" as you said. I didn't realize this until I read your post but it is so true. Great post!

I agree because I also wonder how reliable the use of eyewitness testimonies can be for use as evidence. Also, when questioning a suspect the interrogators often times look for inconsistencies in a suspects story. After question someone so long about their memories of an event they are bound to find some kind of inconsistency they can use because of how their memory can change over time.

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