Needing to Belong


Have you ever wondered what draws you to your group of friends or if you like being in a big group of friends or a small group? Well, when I was reading chapter thirteen I learned that being accepted and how we chose our friends is something that is something that is necessary for our existence and if we don't belong it can often lead to isolation and in some instances hurt our mental functioning. The need to fit in and belong goes all the way back to the hunting and gathering times in society. It is normal for people to often feel lonely when they are restricted from social contact. Humans need interpersonal relationships in order to survive and remain healthy thus causing humans to have the feeling in needing to belong and find their groups of friends.


I agree with how people feel the need to belong. Also I would like to mention that the need to belong can often times outweigh someones beliefs. Many people join groups that they often end up not liking or just feel like they just really aren't a good fit for the rest of the group. However, that part of figure out who you want as friends and who you don't want as friends which leads you to the groups that you really belong in.

Going back to the videos we saw in discussion, its crazy the need we really have to belong. Like the video of people going against what they believed in order to be a part of the group. It really amazes me how much it really shapes our actions sometimes.

This is definitely something that all of us can relate to. Like the commenter above me, I do believe that our need to belong can significantly outweigh our beliefs sometimes. Like peer pressure in school- doing drugs or drinking to fit in with everyone else because "they all are doing it." This need to belong to a group is where it can get us into trouble, which is why we all need to reevaluate what is really important in our lives. Honestly, I love having a group of friends that I fit into, but lately, by me choosing not to partake in activities that I don't believe in, I have sadly lost a lot of friends. It does feel lonely at times, but I'd rather be alone than fit in with people who think I am someone that I'm not. Everyone needs close relationships with others to function, I just believe that people need to choose wisely.

I like your blog and the points that you brought up. I think it's really important that an individual feels like they belong. I mean, we all can relate to feeling of wanting to belong. I find that my group of my friends aren't really all similar; everyone brings in different things into the group. Some people are more outgoing and others are more reserved. It's just natural for people to group together, like you mentioned.

I like your blog a lot. I am very introverted but even I notice that when I am away from my friends too long I get lonely. Being in contact with people the right amount definitely makes me feel healthier and more active. Great blog! Very interesting!

I agree because I am also very introverted but I also couldn't imagine not being in contact with people for too long of a time.

I agree with you Aaron, the less contact you have with people, the more I seem to get used to it. I purposely make sure I come into more contact with people when I notice this. Great point.

I agree with you Aaron in that feeling wanted and liked has always been a part of daily life. Growing up wanting to have friends and others approval was always something that was instilled.

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