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I think the concept in psychology that I will definitely remember even five years from now is the obedience to authority figures. I think I will remember this concept the most because of the experiments that were done to figure it out such as the well known Milgram experiment that we talked about during lecture and in discussion. This concept sticks out in my mind because I thought the results were shocking. I never thought that people would continue shocking the other participant after hearing their screams and their pleads for the test to stop. However, I can see how the obedience to authority would make them continue to a certain extent but I did not think that so many people would continue to nearly maximum of the machine. I like to think that I would never continue to that point if I had been put into that situation myself and I really believe that I wouldn't continue after hearing them in pain. I really believe that's how I would respond but I know it would be different if I had actually been faced with that test myself because I generally don't try to go against authority but I also think I would never want to hurt anyone. milgram_electric_shocks_box.jpg


I totally agree with you! The results of this experiment were definitely shocking and I will most definitely remember them for the next 5 years. I like how you are completely honest in this post. You say that you truly believe that you would not have continued, but you understand that you can’t say that with 100% certainty because the environment of the experiment was very harsh, and it could have impacted you in ways in which you can’t understand now. This is a very good blog, and i love your honesty.

It is definitely crazy when two worlds collide: authority and morals. I thought about this while reading and I have even succumbed to peer pressure at times. I hope now that I have read this I become more conscientious on trusting authority figures.

I wrote about this same experiment!It terrified me to see the real statistics on the matter, despite the fact that I'm usually a staunch cynic. I'm glad that this affected others as well, so hopefully there aren't as many blind sheep in the world.

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