Sleep, Study, Social life..Pick 2


As we have gone through psych this semester, I've been trying to keep up with all the work for my classes, get enough sleep and still have somewhat of a social life. As someone prone to stressing out easily, my body seemed to make the decision to eliminate sleep as something "needed" in this trifecta. Somedays its great because I can easily stay up studying, but other times when I actually have the time to sleep, it sucks. I lay in bed staring at the wall, tossing and turning. Not to mention feeling like a zombie the next day! So naturally, when we learned about insomnia and other sleep related info, I was hooked. For me, I will definitely remember everything about that section. I found it really intriguing (and frustrating) that insomnia can be recurrent with becoming anxious and frustrated when we can't sleep, and that it can be a underlying factor in other medical related issues. Although some people use medication to sleep, I've yet to reach that point since after reading about, it can make insomnia worse in the long run. So fingers crossed mine is resolved with summer break soon here!


I think you make a very interesting point. As a college student, it is almost impossible to get enough sleep, keep up good grades and have a social life. Although some people deal with stress more easily than others, I do agree that it is very frustrating to make time for sleep and not be able to sleep because of something like insomnia.

I think everyone in the class can relate to this post, especially now that we have one more week to go. I started getting insomnia recently also and reading about it actually helped. In the book it talks about how sleeping pills can affect you in the long run, how you shouldnt look at the clock constantly while trying to sleep because it makes it worse, and some other advice like this. I found it very helpful because now i stop myself from taking a pill to sleep and i really do try to not look at the clock, although i think its pretty hard not to.

I know exactly how you feel and with finals coming up it's hard to clear your mind when worrying if you're going to do okay on your exams. With me it seems like I go in streaks. Some weeks I can fall asleep right away, but other weeks I can't stop thinking about things which is causing me to stay awake. The thing that I found most helpful... take naps :)

I think everyone can somewhat attest to this post. You make a good point about college students especially trying to balance our own trifectas. Each college student probably has some signs of insomnia, even myself. I don't think taking sleeping pills is the best option, but for some that is all that will work. Finding time for yourself and friends is a definite in life, but also there has to be that time for studying and sleeping. I find myself tossing and turning some nights, but it is important to clear your head of all thoughts before sleep, and avoid watching television right before bed. It is definitely hard to balance everything, but once you find a routine, stick with it! Hopefully this summer all of us can catch up on some sleep!

I definitely can relate to this post. You made really clear and true points in your blog. I literally have been sleeping at 3 to 4 in the morning for the past month and a half. It's so bad, but I honestly can't help it. My social life has had it's peaks this year, and so have my grades. There definitely is a correlation between having a social life, getting enough sleep and obtaining good grades. Good job!

I picked two, sleep and study, I think it's a little more important to get your school work done first. Work now, play later is how I see it, but we all have our own opinions. A social life will always be there, but when you're paying thousands of dollars for classes, I think I would be more concerned about my grades than a social life. Therefore once this semester is over, there may be a better chance of a social life.

I agree. I feel the same way that I am paying so much to be here that I am more concerned about my classes than a social life. It also kind of helps that I am very introverted though so even though I don't mind being social from time to time its easy to just talk myself into making sure all of my work is done first.

I definitely will remember the insomnia bit too, especially after all the lack of sleep during finals. I also thought the effects that this can have on learning was interesting. Great blog.

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