The Plasticity of the Mind



Its something we learned about very early on in the class, but has really stuck with me throughout the semester. The concept of brain plasticity, the ability of our brain to make physiological changes throughout life in reaction to changes in anything from environment to behavior. This concept is somewhat mind blowing to me, because its well known that humans are the most adaptable species on the planet, with the ability to live just about in any climate the earth has to offer, through the computing power of our brains. If thats not extraordinary enough, our brains themselves change and adapt to external changes just like the humans as a whole. Also, being a freshman in college, the concept is particularly potent because if you think about it, our brain is going through an obscene amount of adaption as we transition to a collegiate level of education. Its interesting to think of how as we learn in school, our brain is in-fact in a sense learning as well, about the environments and styles of thinking that we must use to survive college life. Because of its relevance throughout the human life and development, i'm guessing if any topic we learned about was to stick with me for a number of years, it would be this one.


I think this is a crazy concept. The fact that our brains can hold so much information, yet sometimes I feel like I remember nothing. I agree with your post a ton, I think sometimes we forget that our brains aren't just learning information for class, but also how to make it through the day safely in our new and changing environments. Great topic to pick as something that will stay with you for years, cause it really will!

I really liked your post because it really is fascinating in what and how much we remember and as well as how well we adapt in different climates and such! If our brains didnt work the way they do then we as humans wouldnt be able to complete and live like we are able to live now. We wouldnt be able to live in almost any climate and would not be able to retain much information which is also very important! Great post!

I think this is a really good topic because I truly think the brain is a fascinating part of the human body. I have never really thought about how much I have been able to remember, even if it's not educational. However, now that I think about it, I really have remembered a lot, even if I don't realize it. It's so interesting how the brain is able to expand and remember so much information. There is even information that you don't even realize that you remember but when something sparks it, all of the information just hits you. Good job!

I agree with you that this is an extraordinary feat. Our brains are so complex, yet they constantly undergo a simple task such as learning. Good job incorporating being a freshman, because I feel the exact same way! If our brains were not constantly "evolving" per say, we would never get farther than we are now. As in "teaching an old dog new tricks," this proves to be true. Although when we get older our brains don't have as much plasticity, the fact is our brains will never stop working and never stop trying to retain more until we pass. I didn't realize that this fits so perfectly with the human species being the most adaptive on the planet, so good job overall!

Transition to collegiate level education, I think has been a big part of every freshmen, it can very well determine whether you are ready for college, or if it just isn't for you. I think the way that I think has changed so much since I've made the transition to college, yes it is more difficult, but challenges are apart of life so it is expected. As for humans being the most adaptable species on the planet, I agree with that too because we live all over in all different types of climate, and we are used to it. Good blog.

I think that it is amazing how our brains like out bodies can adapt to so many things that surround us. Thought the environment is tough at times our bodies and our brains have evolved to handle many obstacles that we may or may not face.

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