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Hi I'm Jeanne, have you met my aura?

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One page 437 in chapter 11 of our book this semester (Spr 12), there is a note that links sexual desire to migraines. There was a reported 20 percent higher level of sexual desire supposedly because migraines are associated with low levels of serotonin thus a guesstimation that people with migraines would have higher levels of sexual desire compared to sufferers of a brother-headache "tension", but the 20 percent came from migraines only. I have to say that explains a lot I turn down a lot of guys and am like...why won't you leave me alone...ok, kidding sorta but I must be in the other 80 percent. Perhaps it's because when you have a migraine sex is the last thing on your mind and when you don't have one perhaps people with a "regular" sex life then make up for lost time. Not sure, that is only my theory. I was talking earlier to our discussion group leader and she mentioned a treatment that is suppose to give a shock or something, I have not had time to do all the research, during ones period of aura to prevent a migraine. I don't think I mentioned this but every migraine medication I have tried has been administered with the same instructions. My auras come right along with a swoopingly quick and intense migraine. My medications have been tried and tried and most of the time they work as long as I can take them, put ice on my head (the whole thing if possible) and lay in a very dark very quiet room for about a half an hour and I am good as new. Every once in a while I will have to go to see a doctor who administers two shots and proceeds with the 30 minutes, and voila. I am glad I don't have to give myself or need the shots as often as I get migraines but I am glad they are there. So what is an aura? To some people it is what it sounds like a halo type effect to the entire world. Others like me get very abnormal auras, there are two that dominate my life and the minimum of 1 migraine/week I endure...not sure for how much longer but wish me luck...the first is a nearly out of body experience, it's as if I am not driving, not talking, not walking, don't know where I have been or where I am going and why. It's very odd. The other is more classic and it feels like an icepick is trying to make it's way thru my eye. So an aura can be something very simple to something very complex. They have found that since other things are a factor on top of my migraines they may have something to do with my auras being significantly different from a majority of people. Anyhoo. This can be a major factor in psychological study of someone, not to mention the books highly interesting remarks regarding sexual desire, but desire for many things can be inhibited when you have a patient with chronic migraines. Take it into account if you are thinking about counciling, it can be a factor in attendance and thus success and a large factor in ones overall enjoyment of life in general. Good luck to all those out there who suffer as I do.

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