Chapter 12: Stress, Coping and Health !

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Chapter 12 focuses on what stress is, what causes it, how we adapt to it, our reactions, and how to control our stress. Every category has subcategories that explain different segments of it. How we adapt to changes and challenges. The Brain and the body's reaction to stress and how our health is important. How we can cope with stress and how to maintain good health.
What struck me was the list of things that could cause stress and the visuals that went with them. I knew most of the things on that list would cause stress to anyone, but only after looking at that list did I realize how all those could go hand in hand and cause unbelievable amounts of stress. If you think about each one on its own, like lets say getting fired from work, this doesn't seem as bad by itself because you can look for different jobs and try and to get yourself back to where you need to be. But having many things like getting fired, loans, weddings, deaths, and other stressful changes all at once can put a person under so much pressure and stress it seems unbelievable and can be very risky for your well-being.
It is interesting how one section of the chapter talks about different personalities that people have and how they each respond to a stressful event. Like how we would automatically think of someone that had a heart attack as someone with a lot of responsibility, impatience, hard driving, ... It goes on to talk about how different illnesses can create stress. This chapter explains what can be the problem (in this case stress), how people are different when it comes to tolerance, and what you can do to prevent stress.


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