Chapter 14: Personality

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To skim the surface, Chapter 14 covers personalities, personality tests, and different theories on personalities. Included in this chapter are big theories like Freud's and tests like Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. The two things that caught my attention most in this chapter were the twin tests and the handwriting analysis of presidential candidates. At the start of the chapter there is results from a test done where identical twins were separated at birth for research. The twins were analyzed and reunited decades later and although they had completely different lives and political views, had almost identical results in personality tests done. The fact that two people could be raised completely different ways in different parts of the world but still be so similar really fascinated me. The handwriting analysis was very intriguing as well because the idea of understanding someone's personality from their signature seems absolutely ludicrous. The three signatures of three presidential candidates from 2008 were analyzed based on things like whether their Ts were crossed or how tall a letter was. The chapter covers much more on theories, tests and evaluating the personality scientifically but this is just a taste of what is to come in Psych 1001.Barack Obama details.jpg

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I was rethinking the section about the signatures of the presidential candidates, and it seems like a lot of the speculation could just be from confirmation bias. Due to the plethora of characteristics each presidential candidate has, a signature expert can just as easily hone in on a personality trait and derive some sort of resemblance with the signature.

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