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Chapter 15 mainly discusses the topic of psychological disorders and also the types. I found out that two subjects were interesting, one is anxiety disorders and the other is mood disorder and suicide. As a matter of fact, these two problems have already become more and more serious in today's society. As a student, sometimes we feel anxious and worried about school work. But when the problem becomes really serious, it may cause diseases a mentioned in chapter 15. Also, mood disorders kind of result in suicide and other bad effects to our body. We need to be aware of those effects of the illnesses and try to be away from them. As I briefly read through the chapter, maybe the part of childhood disorder is a little bit stuck to me and I have confusions about it. Before reading the textbook, I don't even know about that bad experience in childhood can cause problems in future development.


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I think this is something that I can relate a lot to in my life. I have not looked at the chapter but I am assuming eating disorders can fall into this category. One of my best friends went from being a happy, healthy girl to depression and an eating disorder. Going into college caused her a lot of anxiety and stress which went into her different obstacles. It was extremely hard to watch someone that means that much to me go through that and is now improving. A lot of people do not think that that eating disorders and depression are real. A lot of people think that people that suffer from these issues are weak but in reality they are going through extremely hard times. It is a very interesting and complex thing to think about.

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