Chapter 3: Biological Psychology

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Chater 3, titled Biological Psychology, goes into great depth about the biology behind psychology. It starts off by discussing how the nerve cells are "communication portals" for the body. It then goes on to discuss in detail the how nerve cells function and discusses neurotransmitters, like endorphins. The chapter then goes into discussing the brain, identifying what roles different parts of the central nervous system play in behavior and how it functions in emergency versus everyday settings. The chapter moves on to talking about the endocrine system, or what hormones are and how they affect people's behavior. The chapter finishes by giving a brief tour of the mind and then discussing genes and how they affect our psychological traits.

I found several things extremely interesting when browsing this chapter. I enjoyed reading about endorphins as it is a term that is commonly used, yet most people don't really understand that they play a role in pain reduction. This could be due to the popular film, Legally Blonde...

I was also very interested in the section about genes, and how heredity plays a part of our psychological makeup. I learned that while a trait may be highly heritable, that doesn't mean we can't change it.

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