Chapter One: Psychology and Scientific Thinking

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Chapter one gives a brief overview of psychology as a science and how it has come about to be such an important aspect of our lives today.

The first section of the chapter focuses on how psychology is a science. According to the textbook, psychology is the scientific study of the mind, brain, and behavior. This section also discussed how common sense can be misleading. This was interesting because many people are not going want to admit that their common sense is wrong.

The second section focuses on pseudoscience. People must be aware that all popular psychology methods are not scientifically proven to be accurate. This struck me because I see advertisements for these almost everyday, and I realized how easily a person could be coerced into believing it.

The third section discusses scientific thinking and how it distinguishes fact from fiction. The six scientific thinking principles are given. These will determine whether a claim is fact or fiction and whether it can be improved upon or not.

The fourth section gives a brief overview of the history of psychology. It discusses how psychology originated and describes the frameworks of psychology.


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