Imagine Taking as Much Shit As Your Car

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okq8_washme.jpegThis advertisement I found online is for a European gas station and it features the likes of a man covered in mud from head to toe with a briefcase next to him in much the same condition. On the man's chest are the word "wash me", the same phrase often seen on cars that are very dirty, and he is standing in a parking spot. The ad trys to get people to come to a service station and give their car a wash and service it has probably been lacking by giving the owner a second look at how they should view their car. By putting the owner in the car's place they quickly change their mind about letting that car go without a wash for a few more days because if it was them in that situation they would not be so happy. It is interesting how they use human substitution to give meaning to an object.


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This is a really interesting advertisement. However, I don't actually find it very effective, at least on me. I feel this is due primarily to two reasons:

First, I don't think most people think of their cars as a feeling entity, especially the audience that this advertisement is supposed to target. The idea that the car is dirty evokes just a "meh" response rather than actually feelings of empathy.
Second, I find the person in the advertisement hard to relate to. A random dirty person seems just to be a dumb person who put dirt over himself rather than a martyr to be empathized with.

While the ad is somewhat humorous and eye-catchy, there is nothing incredibly memorable or convincing.

This is a very interesting ad but I personally agree with comment above. Not to many people think of their car as a entity but rather a means of transportation. Although it may be nice to have a clean car it doesn't usually make it to the top of peoples to do lists.

I agree with the comments above, because I feel as though I never would put myself in the car's place. I find my own health, appearance, and hygiene to be much more important than my car's. The idea of this ad does not relate to me and it doesn't make me want to get a car wash.

This was a very surprising ad to me because normally I wouldn't think that advertisers would swear. I can see how this ad is trying to make the owner feel like his or her car needs to be clean, but like everyone else I don't think that is very likely unless the owner has a close attachment with his or her car in the first place.

The idea of a person representing a car wouldn't really draw me in to getting a car wash. What did draw me in though was throwing the word "shit" in the mix. It made me read the rest of the ad to see what they were trying to advertise for that uses that word. High-brow advertising at its finest.

This ad is very interesting. I think one effect that works on me is the fact that this is an old man who looks lonely, depressed, etc; It's almost like seeing someone eat alone at a restaurant... You feel a little bit of guilt. This ad has that effect on me. However, I think the colors/background really make it an ad that you can quickly pass over and not be fully hooked on. If I flipped through this page in a magazine, chances are I wouldn't take a second look.

Man, I felt guilty too! Crazy. Very effective... and I think the profanity adds to the shock value and makes you look a second time. (I wonder if they caught any, er, sh** for this ad)

(I was staring at my car from my porch as I read this and now I feel SO GUILTY... haha... poor car, so dirty, so lonely...)

While I agree that this ad may not be effective for all people, I feel that it is very effective for car lovers, which I am guessing is their target audience. Like the above comments say, it effectively uses guilt and shock value to get customers to come in to "take care of" their car.

This ad is kind of crazy. I mean, it is interesting that they try to make the viewer feel guilty (and therefore take their car in to get washed) through putting them in the car's shoes (...or tires haha). But I also agree that it may not be effective. I don't think that people care about inanimate objects that much and so it's kind of difficult to make someone feel bad for their car.

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