Sneaky Ring Tones

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The "Teen Buzz" is a ringtone that can supposedly only be heard by people under 30. The ringtone can also be called the mosquito because it honestly is as annoying as a mosquito. When I first heard about this ringtone I thought it was a joke until I used it on my parents. My poor father was a mess when he realized that he couldn't hear something because of his age! On top of my parents many kids used this ringtone in high school to trick our teachers and whenever it would go off every students would wring out their ear saying "pleaseeeee, make it stop!"
My father is a very big hunter and when he heard about this ringtone, wanted to try it out on a deer. From research I know that deer can hear higher frequencies than humans so although my father never did the test (he is REALLY bad at technology) I think it would have come up with interesting results. My prime example of deer having better hearing than humans was during my first hunting adventure. My father and I were hunkered down in a snow bank when about 150 yards away a deer came out. My initial reaction was to whisper to my father that I saw a deer. The deer immediately looked up and ran. Maybe I was too young and indeed talked a lot longer than I should but I am pretty sure no human would have ever been able to hear what I had said!

Look at those big things! Those better work better than mine...


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I have heard this little annoying ringtone as well. It is quite funny to see the reaction of kids when it goes on, but if it is on for too long, I even get sick of it. I think it is amazing how our ear can pick up on those high frequencies only at a younger age. I wounder if that is a evolutionary tool for something, just like women are prone to hear higher frequencies more because it mimics the sounds of a baby crying, or if it is just as simple as saying "our ears are in better shape so we can hear those types of things."

It is always interesting to learn how much worse our hearing is than other animals. Did you ever come across the difference in the range of hearing for deer and humans? Also, did it ever say what the actual frequency of this ringtone is?

I found it interesting that animals like deer have better hearing than humans. I would never expect a deer to be able to hear from 150 yards away. I guess that deer need to be able to have ears that can pick up noises better than humans because they have more predators to worry about.

I have never heard of this ringtone before. I find it very interesting that there are sounds that after a certain age you can't hear anymore and also that many animals have certain senses that are much better than those of a human.

I have had some experience with the ringtone and it is absolutely ridiculous. The only advantage that it has is that old people cant hear it but they also cant hear your vibration (most of the time). Its an annoying ring tone and I am glad that it is dying out.

I found out about the ringtone in high school and played it for my parents, my mom doesn't think it actually exists and thinks its just a trick that kids are playing on their parents. That's an interesting story about you with the deer, I had no idea they had such good hearing.

My brother loves that ringtone. My parents can't hear it, but all of my siblings can. Every time it goes off, my dog perks up as well. This can kind of conclude that animals do really have higher senses of hearing (my dog is very old, but can still hear it!). I personally think this ringtone should be destroyed.

As a lot of you have mentioned, the ringtone is SO annoying! Stetl007 it's funny you say that your mom doesn't believe it exists because some of my teachers agreed. The ringtone should be destroyed. It honestly hurts my ears when I hear it go off. I think it is more of a high school thing so I am glad it has died out in that way...Unless anyone wants to try it in a lecture ;). KIDDING!

Here's a file with an audio test on it. I could only hear something from 18k on (22k-19k were silent to my ears... too many concerts in my younger days, I guess..)

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