Super Human Senses

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Did you know that dogs have much better hearing and smelling senses than humans do?

Dogs have much better hearing than humans do but it is only their second most developed sense that they have behind their hearing ability. There hearing is much sharper than humans and they can hear at much better frequencies than humans. Dogs hear sounds than many humans can never hear because of how much better hearing they have.

Just like humans dogs may become more deaf as they age. The hearing ability differs between the breed of the dog but all dogs have much better hearing than humans. A lot of sounds that may be very loud to humans can be so much louder for dogs that it scares them away.

When dogs hear a sound their ears move in the direction of the sound, in order to hear it much better. In order to control the movement of their ears they are controlled by at least 18 muscles that are located in the ear. The upright and curve of many dogs ears allows to amplify the sound that they are hearing. When in the wild dogs use their superior hearing to find and locate food.



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This explains why my dog sometimes barks at absolutely nothing. I always assumed he was just dumbass, but this makes sense that he is hearing things that are beyond my physical capacity to perceive.

I find this very interesting/a little creepy that there are things beyond human perception that still exist in the physics of the universe. Its interesting that things like higher and lower frequencies that the human ear can't perceive, and visual frequencies that don't fall in the color spectrum such as heat, radio waves, and x-rays still exist in physical reality.

It was interesting to me to find out that dogs have a better sense of hearing than humans do. I've known that they have better senses of smell (especially compared to me because I can't smell) but finding out that they can hear things we can't hear and that they can move their ears is pretty cool.

Some people get annoyed that their dog hears and smells better than they do. The owner and their dog go for a walk and the dog wants to stop and observe/smell/listen to everything!
It's good to keep in mind that even if the dog is slowing you down during the walk, they are taking in more sensory information than you are and are enjoying it!
Although sometimes dogs get really scared when they hear loud noises and it's hard to calm them down. I had a friend who had 3 dogs and every 4th of July her dogs would hide in her house and would be terrified of the fireworks. Her dogs had no idea what those loud noises could be and were taking cover because they thought they were in danger.

Adorable picture and interesting blog. Do you know if dogs lose their hearing as they age for similar reasons that humans do? Like being exposed to loud noises and diseases? Its really interesting to know that other animals have better and more developed senses than we do, even though we are the dominant species.

I found the topic is really interesting that I only used to know about dogs have a better sense of smell than human beings. Now I have the idea that it can hear better than us and make better judgements about the sounds. No wonder sometimes they show great alert to the environment and behave totally different than usual.
I wish that I could have the same ability as dogs and be sensory to the outside environment.

This is super interesting! I've always known that dogs are much better at hearing and smelling than humans, but I never realized to what extent. It's strange to think that an animal that we spend so much time around is actually a lot better at smelling and hearing than us. It just goes to show how diverse our world is.

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