Super Sonic Senses

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"Teen Buzz" is a high-pitched frequency that adults cannot hear. I find this very interesting because I never realized that hearing changes drastically as you age. "Teen Buzz" has been used in various different ways against teenagers. For example, in Spain, the police has been having a hard time getting teens not to drink in public and they use the noise to keep them from hanging out for too long in public parks. However, some youngsters have also been using the noise to their advantage. For example, some kids have been setting their text message noise to the "Teen Buzz" so that teachers cannot hear it when their phones go off in class.
Something else that I find very interesting is imagining what it would be like to have the same sense of hearing as dogs. Similar to that of teenagers, dogs have the ability to hear very high-pitched noises. Many sounds that humans cannot hear at all are heard by dogs and can explain why dogs hear certain whistles and humans do not.
In addition to super-sonic hearing, some people also have certain abilities that differ from the range of normal human sensory adaptation. For example, there are some people who are "super-tasters" and are more sensitive to bitter and sweet tastes than the normal person. I think that being a super taster would be unpleasant because you would not be able to enjoy some delicious foods! I am so glad that I am not a super taster.4224.jpg


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I found this very interesting because you had mentioned something such as "super-tasters." I actually happen to have this when it comes to food, but more specifically, drink. A very specific example for me personally is water. I can always tell where the water came from and if it was filtered properly, from a bottle, what brand of water bottle, even if it is sink. In my opinion sink water has one of the worst flavors depending upon whether it is city water or well water, and you are right in saying that it is rather unpleasant.
Another example for me is food dyes. I can only pick out the flavors of food dye, and just as my grandmother had always said, the red dye is the most bitter. If given a plain M&M and e were blind-folded we would be capable of identifying the color of M&M to you just by the flavor of the dye. I looked up online a bit about "super-tasters" and how it is believed to be genetic, which would make sense due to my grandmother and I both having this. It also gave an interesting way to test it out which seems interesting enough to try.
Being a "super-taster" is not exactly great when you are able to pick up high frequencies as well. I find these abilities fascinating but due tend to wonder if they truly will disappear with age. (link of an example of test results from previous link)

That is interesting that with advances in psychology and hearing police have been able to devise a system to use a frequency to deter acts which they do not approve of without bothering any adults in the process.

rzent003...I found your post very interesting. I'm considered the best cook most people know because of my ability to taste tiny spices and flavors that most aren't truly aware of. I'd bet your sense of taste comes with an enhanced sense of smell, too. And I think it's genetic, and I'll tell you why.

My mother and I both have highly developed senses of smell and taste. I took a class in genetics years ago, and a professor handed us some strips of paper and told us to stick them in our mouths. We did, and about 20% of the class was completely disgusted by the bitter taste on the paper. He informed us that it was the main ingredient in the red dye that some find so offensive, and there was a genetic marker for it. You may want to check it out, it's been a while ago, but it made a true impression on me. On talking to the other students (as we were desperately trying to get the taste out of our mouths) we found we all could taste things that seemed to be great to other people. I'll be looking too, because it's been a while since this happened, and my curiosity has now been piqued!

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