The Asperger's Controversy

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Asperger's Syndrome is an Autism Spectrum Disorder that is characterized by normal language and intelligence skills, but poor social skills. The DSM IV, published in 1994, has Asperger's Syndrome as a separate diagnosis that High Functioning Autism. The controversy surrounding AS comes from the research that has failed to find a difference between Asperger's and High Functioning Autism. This means that in the DSM V, which is to be released in 2013, AS will be added to the Autism Spectrum instead of being a separate diagnosis. Critics of this say that redefining AS would incorrectly label people with AS as having Autism. People with AS are different than people with regular Autism and therefore would be wrongly lumped into the label of Autism. Also, being able to diagnose a patient as having a specific disorder such as AS has been argued to help make more accurate diagnosis.

Since this topic can get a little dry, here's the South Park episode where they satire the Asperger's Syndrome debate:


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I think that this topic would be very controversial for people who have Asperger's Syndrome themselves. Since 1994, they have considered themselves to be separate from people with High Functioning Autism. In 2013, they will be told that they have to accept that they have a form of Autism and that could be very hard for them to accept. I agree with you that this new change to the DSM V could categorize patients incorrectly and create broad diagnoses that are too broad.

my first serious girlfriend had autism. Of course, when I was dating her, we called it Aspergers, but once we broke up I started calling it autism XD. The label of autism can be a bit cruel, at times, but she was so fricking clueless and seemingly insane sometimes...
I don't like the label, because it's not so good. But if AS is autism, then that label is needed to help scientists and thinkers talk about it accurately.

First off, I'm somewhat offended that someone would think "the label of autism is a bit cruel". Autism is a diagnosis, not an insult. However, the frequently used "retarded" by ignorant people is flat out rude.
Anyways, getting back on topic, one of my childhood best friends had AS but she referred to herself as having Autism. I don't see the difference between high functioning Autism and AS and believe that the argument about this is just fear of being labeled and the assumptions of the group that come with it.

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