Tricky Perception!!!

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Emergence, reification, multistability, and Invariance are all factors that contribute to how we see the images we see. In emergence you see the hidden image as a whole. It pops out from the rest of the picture if you focus on the image for a while. There can be descriptions of what is in the image but they can never be explained. It is just a fact that we can see these pictures with the help of our vision. Reificaion is also visual, and can be explained by illusory contours. This is the constructive and generative aspect of perception. In images with reification there are a lot of spatial information. In such images you see the picture as 3D or you might see some shape that really wasn't drawn in but you see it because of small hints and you create that shape in your head. Multistability occur in images that can be viewed as two different things. Depending on how you look at it you might see one image and another if you look at it differently. According to Gestalt Psychology "Invariance is the property of perception whereby simple geometrical objects are recognized independent of rotation, translation, and scale; as well as several other variations such as elastic deformations, different lighting, and different component features."
All of these factors can go hand in hand in a single image to help you see different things.




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While I was using as a means of procrastination, I found a page that showed the logo for Formula 1 Racing. Here's what the logo looks like:

I had always assumed that the "1" was supposed to be the red on the right hand side, but thankfully the all-knowing stumbleupon informed me that the 1 is actually created by the negative space between the black "F" and the red. This is another example of reification. Maybe its just me but I had never noticed this before and now that I've seen it, I can't stop myself from seeing it.

It's crazy the way that our brains kind of trick us into only seeing one thing at a time but that there can actually be two or more distinct images present. I think that's why perception is so cool, because different people see different things at different times.

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