Aggression in Children

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In discussion this week we focused on if what children watch could contribute to their aggressiveness. I found this a very interesting topic because it can go either way. There is good evidence on both sides that claim whether or not aggressive and violent television shows or video games contribute to the aggressive behavior of children. Although the video we watched in discussion was compelling (how the children became significantly more violent after watching power rangers compared to barney), I would still have to side with the idea that violent television or games does not lead to overall aggressive behavior in a child. Granted, during the moment the child is participating in the violent show or game they seemed to be riled up more than normal, that sort of aggression does not last.
I believe that people want or need something to blame when a person commits a violent act so they turn to media, however, what people do not realize is that violent crime rates have actually decrease when the popularity of violent video games has increased. Also, according to an article we read this week, there is no obvious link between real world violence statistics and video games. There is also a contribution that seems to be frequently overlooked of the other factors that play into aggressive behavior aside from the media. I do not believe it is fair to place all of the blame on one solitary issue.



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I agree that violent media has no affect on the children that engage it. The video in recitation had multiple children together in a room, and once one of them began to practice kicking, they all wanted to display their skills.
I believe violent media may even decrease violent behavior in children, since it be a way for children to release any anger or frustration without hurting anyone or themselves.

good topic.
I think that in the moment you are definitely affected by your surroundings, but I think there is too much of a direct blame on violence in the media and on t.v.
There is no one root cause to any social problem. It is a combination of many factors that produce outward display of violence.
not to mention violence is something humans have taken part in since the beginning of man. I swear almost every day on earth there has been some sort of battle going on, but the second violence is used in a manner that isn't deemed fit by the collection of land and minds you call your country, it becomes an issue.
if anything i think video games and violent media are a way to channel that inner beast into an activity that is less harmful to the masses.
but it's up to the parents of children to show them when things are not okay.
Conditioning is a powerful tool when used correctly and incorrectly.

Awesome topic. I think violent behavior and video games have blown completely out of proportion. People don't recognize that aggressiveness is measured in these studies, not violence and one does not automatically lead to the other. Just like the analogy between ice cream sales and violence increase. Personally, I think it's a persons subjective experience to violence that makes them violent, not material supplements to their lives.

I agree with you that people look for something to blame (the media) when a person commits a violent crime. I also agree that violent video games aren't enough to turn a child violent. I do think that playing too many violent video games can be unhealthy and may desensitize someone about their views on violence, but it's important to remember that it's a video game and not real life.
I think there is a big difference between children playing/behaving violently and play fighting. The kids in the video who watched Power Rangers weren't really hurting each other, they were just play-fighting and I think that that's normal.

I really liked this entry. I'm surprised to read that violent crime rates are decreasing because the media makes it seem like they are going up. I agree with you that violent video games and television programs are the main cause for aggression in young children.

Good topic to pick for a blog. I think you are completely on point, because their is not significant evidence to support the claim that violent games and TV shows cause violent behavior there should less blame put on the media. The concept of correlation vs causation comes into play here for those that think that there is a relationship between the two.It is really hard to tell if violent media causes aggression in children or if these children are already aggressive and as a result watch violent forms of media. I also agree with your comment that someone has to be blamed for violent behavior and the media is an easy target.

I also agree with the post and all the above comments. Blaming violence on video games and the like has gotten to be nothing more than a lazy talking point.

I really agree with you about the topic that watching violent plays and play violent games have no effect on children's aggressive behavior. I didn't see strong evidence and great supportive research did on the topic to support that it has effect on children's behavior. It is not fair to contribute all the reason to playing violent games. There are so many factors that we need to take into consideration.

I agree that it is only used as an excuse for the violent behavior. I personally do not think that watching violent shows has any effect on their aggression. I personally watched Power Rangers and other violent shows and I was never a very aggressive person.

Discussions of violence in the media usually regard causation as occurring in one direction: violent media impacts behavior. But these discussions generally fail to examine the internal factors or predispositions that cause us to seek out violent forms of entertainment in the first place. A more nuanced discussion would take into account both factors, and how they influence and interact with each other.

I watched rated r movies when i was like 7 years old and played GTA and have never hurt anybody or have a desire to, if violent video games and movies had such a big part as people like to say the world would be in shambles. Thats just my 2 cents for ya lol

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