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My brother's girlfriend is a trainer and just graduated with a degree in nutrition. She constantly guides my family through what is healthy and necessary and what is not. Honestly, what I personally see (from experience) eating disorders to be is ignorance paired with insecurity. A lot of people simply do not have the correct information readily available as to how to 'diet' and do it properly. There is one diet I find particularly interesting because it is the diet of some of the most beautiful women of the world, or at least what beauty is considered to be now a days. It is the diet that Supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel, Adrianna Lima, uses before runway show day. It seems ridiculous, paired with their strenuous workouts, but it is what gives them the final touches to their insane bodies before runway day and makes a lot of young women feel awful about themselves come time for the big day.
It all comes down to what is healthy versus what is sightly. What is in versus what is out. In the long run though, the only thing that should matter is the prize of health and vigor of body paired with self-esteem to match regardless of a man or woman's shape. (Here is the article!)


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I think that it is ridiculous what society views as "beautiful" nowadays. Scary skinny isn't sexy. I agree with you in that people should be healthy and that dieting should be guided by someone who is familiar with nutrition; not just what will make someone loose the most weight immediately. Furthermore, I think that people who are "normal-sized" are much more attractive than thin models. Just skin and bones isn't cute!

I agree with the point that you mentioned about diet. If we want to go on a diet, we need to know how to do it in a healthy way. We can't sacrifice our heath to obtain some kind of goal. It is good to see that your brother's girlfriend can give instructions on nutrition. I like your blog~

It's strange how being "in shape" is a process not a product. Since media has been portraying diamond-hard abs, tanned skin,

I don't think eating disorders are the result of ignorance or poor information. A lot of people with eating disorders have a visceral and skewed perception of their own body, and that is a condition that information won't cure.

I also agree with the point about going on a diet and doing it the right way. Many people that do go on diets do it the totally wrong way and that hurts you more than it does help you.

The issue of body image seems to be in the new quite often. I agree that eating disorders are probably partly due to the lack of education. Many schools have health classes that discuss these issues, but I think that they need to emphasize what a healthy diet is if you are trying to lose weight.

You make a very good point. Societies views about beauty is very harsh. Im not going to lie though watching the VS show you cant help but want to be like them. I remember after their fashion show this year all the girls would make status changes on Facebook talking about how they wanted to be like the angels and all the guys wishing the fashion show would be on every day. Comments like that don't really help girls with their images and makes them want to diet till they become that skinny.

Eating disorders are so much more than "ignorance and insecurity." Until someone experiences one or knows someone that goes through it, it is nearly impossible to understand. On top of that they are much more common than people think. Now onto nutrition. Many people make these plans and these books regarding diets and really have no formal education on the topic. Lastly to me being healthy is a feeling, not a look.

One issue is that people think that if they need to lose weight, they should just stop eating. And if they want to lose 40 pounds, they need to lose it all in a day. But this is from the case and people need to be far more educated about it.

I think there is definitely a difference between being healthy and being unhealthy regarding body weight. However, I don't think people develop eating disorders based on misinformation. I believe they develop them based on the way they see themselves, and an uncontrollable urge to be different. It isn't just based on restricting food intake, starvation, etc; It is based on the guilt and remorse they feel over themselves and the way that they look. I also think diets should be more available to the public, referring to what is healthy and unhealthy. A lot of diets that actually work are payment required, and therefore most people don't go through with them.
Very interesting!

I think it's strange how "average" people try better their health, but do so in a way that works for people that model clothing. Hopefully people will realize that one's body image is not the most important part of life.

I often look at the victorias secret models and I came upon this diet on my own and thought it to be very unhealthy. I feel a lot of young women and older women don't have the right amount of knowledge to carry out a healthy diet. Most girls try to starve themselves eating not enough calories and their bodies go into starvation mode, and it becomes harder and harder to lose weight for them. AFter our bodies go into starvation mode, our metabolism slows down, and for such young girls this is crucial. I hope that whenever girls need help with body image or dieting they can go to someone who is reliable and accurate in their knowledge.

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