Classic and Operant Conditioning

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Years from now the thing I will remember most from taking psychology is classic and operant conditioning. While the tests required a lot of pointless memorization of definitions and knowing what research belonged to which psychologist, the ideas of conditioning was one of the practical things we learned this year. Knowing how classic and operant conditioning affects our subconscious sheds light on why people make some of their choices. I've found that having competence in these two things has produced awareness in my own life as to what may subconsciously affecting me. Knowing how people learn and why they behave the way they do can be applied to one's own life in order to get rid of unwanted behaviors, such as bad habits, and internalize behaviors that are more desirable. It also sheds light onto how advertisement may be shaping the choices we make. I've found that it's interesting to watch commercials and notice what stimulus is that they're trying to connect to the desired response. Classic and operant conditioning are two of the more practical ideas I learned this year and will remember years from now.


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I thought the conditioning section of the class was really interesting too. I think that I will often think of the things i learned here when I am raising my children. I know that sounds strange to condition your kids, but I think it can be used in a beneficial way.

I found these concepts to be interesting as well, especially what you mentioned about commercials. It is fun to watch commercials now after learning what we have this past semester and be able to pick them apart. Hopefully these concepts will help us from falling prey to these carefully constructed advertisements.

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