Do you agree with Freud Sigmund?

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While thinking about Freud Sigmund, there are so many voices about this character. Freud was one of the first scientists to make serious research of the mind and at the same time, he collects so many statistics which helped him a lot building his theories. He did a lot of research and experiments on how we think as well as how we act towards specific issues. The method which he used was generally talking to people and analyzing their ideas by listening to them. Later, he proposed his theories about the three parts of people's mind which are id, ego and superego. It is still widely accepted in today's people's minds and taught by universities to pass on the knowledge. Under the theory, superego acts like a restriction which helps control the id. Ego is more like a intermediate good which helps a lot balancing the portion between the id and superego. It provides us the first reaction to the reality and leaves us a direct imppression on things we see. During that period, he also proposed his own therapy theory but it is not using frequently any more for the reason that the time is long and also the success rate is hard to measure. There are so much to say about Freud but I think I should stop here. But his contributions to the area will never be forget and it will surly be passed on by generations.


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First of all, I think that you mean Sigmund Freud. But, it's all good.
I agree with Freud in a sense, that we have different parts of us that control our behavior. However, I think that it cannot be strictly divided into different sections. Also, I know that the subconscious definitely plays a role in people's behaviors and such but I think that he places too much emphasis on it.

I'm with shaff133. There is a lot going on in our heads that cannot be explained. To be frank, we might be insulting our intelligence by laying the results of statistics and modern technology to explain something as complex as our entire behavior. A good example, mathematically we can find unlimited theoretical dimensions yet we choose to only recognize three(4 including time) because it's what we can see and "objectify." This is what is happening now, we are making predictions based on our ability to objectify. I think sometime, when we find new technology, we'll get really close to finding out what is really going on in our noggins.

I think Freud overemphasized the role of sex and reproduction in our motives. However, it relatively makes sense through evolution as reproducing is absolutely vital for us to survive.

Freud is extremely important to psychology, so I am glad that you wrote a blog about him. I think that the id, ego, and superego are extremely interesting. Like the previous comment said, I believe that Freud did overemphasize sex, so it is good that other theories have come about.

I believe everything about the id, ego and super ego are very fascinating along with the steps of sexually maturity. However, I know that a lot of people do not consider Freud's work to be very important since most of his research is not falsifiable and was never replicated. The idea that most of his theories are not backed up with very much evidence makes me a bit skeptical. But his ideas are very interesting.

Whether or not the ego, superego and id make sense as scientific constructs, they seem like valid metaphors for describing our subjectivity. It does feel like there's a kind of separate entity that warns us against bad behavior, a distinct object in the mind that communicates with and advises the decision-making faculty. It does seem like there's another entity whose presence is unfelt but whose effects are seen, an entity that impacts and sometimes directs the workings of the self. These concepts might not enjoy a kind of objective, material reality, but they tell us something about ourselves, and help us describe ourselves, the way humour theory, although founded on faulty science, sometimes gives us a useful language to describe our moods and dispositions.

Great post! It was nice to learn a little bit more about what Freud actually discovered because he is mentioned so much in our class.

Freud is and always will be one of the greats of psychology but it is not unheard of for someone as great as him to make a mistake. that being said I guess I don't know if I agree or not fully because there are parts of his theory that intrigue me but it is still fuzzy with new research.

I think its very accurate of what Freud came up with considering the Id, superego, and ego. It's very interesting to consider that there is a deep rooting meaning to all of our actions. I would consider the superego to be very important in our lives, since the superego makes up of our moral reasoning. I also agree a lot with you about how Freud relied so much on the role of sex. I was talking to my grandpa and had him read the passage on this and he agreed as well.

I agree with vishn010 Freud was too obsessed with sexual ideas and how they have a major part in our thinking. Don't get me wrong they have a part but not as much as he makes it seem, at least thats what I think. And when it comes to the id, ego, and superego I think its a good way to base things of off and a way to explain things to ourselves. Over time his idea could revolve into something else, thats what happens with everything you have to start somewhere.

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