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There are two things for sure that I will remember. One is nature V. nurture and the second is correlation V. causation.
When it comes to nature V. nurture I will remember that they both play an important role in everything. For example when it comes to children and their behaviors it could be a result from both nature and nurture. Meaning biological and the environmental conditions could have played a role.
Correlation V. causation has me think about things and how they could have a correlation but not be the cause of each other. When two things happen at the same time it does not mean one causes the other and this concept tries to prove this fact.
I will remember many other things I have learned in this class but these two are the ones I feel like I catch myself using the most. I like all the sleep cycles and the freudian beliefs too.



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Those are two of the topics that stick out for me as well. Really strong ideas to keep in mind throughout our lives.

nice job.

I think the correlation versus causation concept will be one worth remembering. Before this course I would only focus on the causation factor, that if two things were correlated they must be causing each other. But this concept has brought the fact to my attention that one does not always have to cause the other. The idea of a third influence changed the way I look at correlated aspects.

1. I love XKCD
2. Causation will always imply correlation, but correlation does not imply causation. I like to think of correlation as a rectangle and causation as the square: All squares are rectangles. Then again, one event can ALWAYS cause another, but there can be a small correlation between the two variables if there are a lot of other things than can cause the effect. Like old age causes autism to happen more often, yet so many babies are born to younger parents that when you look at the raw numbers, the correlation between age and autism isn't there. (But then when you look at the %'s it is obvious.)

This was interesting! I think that correlation vs. causation is a very interesting topic to discuss. This is a very noteworthy topic because it has made me think whether ones thing is the cause of others.

I thought that all of those important concepts like falsifiability and correlation v causation were very tedious things, but also very important in the regular world as well as the world of psych.

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