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The thing I believe I will always remember is the stuff we learned about babies. Since I want to have kids of my own one day, I thought it was very interesting of all the things that they are equipped with when they are born. For example, the infant child already has reflexes such as grasping and suckling. When they get older, there mind starts to get more developed as well but I did not realize the baby could understand basic impossible outcomes like the 1+1=2 project. I did not even think there was a way for scientist to measure if a baby could really understand what is going on. What also intrigued me was the fact that if one is playing with a baby and hides a ball behind their back, the baby thinks it is actually gone and does not understand where the object is. I found that was interesting that people could measure that as well.
As the child develops, so does their cognitive thinking ability. Soon, a child will be able to understand representation and will be able to understand lying, which may or may not be a good thing. A child will also begin to understand spatial differences and similarities like the experiment where the child has to compare the same amount of an object, like 5 coins, but it is a different arrangement so it would make it look like a larger amount. All these points and many more make having a child a little more in depth now to me than it did before.


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I think babies are very cute and the how quickly they grow up is crazy. They start to learn so fast and all the examples you used come to show this. They mature more and more day by day. I must say though I love the picture you have used it is very cute!

It's crazy how much we underestimate the growing mind of a child. I think they would call that the availability hueristic, but i completely agree, it was pretty awesome to see hoe the experiments for testing children were designed and carried out.

I also found how scientists test babies understanding interesting. I didn't even know it was possible until this class! Learning about babies also explained to me why babies find so many hide-the-blank games fun- never thought that anyone couldn't understand object permanence!

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