Final Blog: Evolutionary Theory

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Over the course of the semester, we have been able to learn about all kinds of different studies, disorders, and people. I believe five years from now that I will most remember the lecture on evolutionary psychology. I am biology major, and evolution is an extremely important topic in that field. Having some background knowledge about the psychological side to evolution will be extremely helpful in my future classes.
Learning about how males and females pick mates was a particularly interesting part of this topic. The lecture talked about how females picked males who were going to be the best providers. On the other hand, males would pick females who were young and could have the best offspring. Even though this all happened far in the past, it can still be seen today with older men desiring younger women.
Another interesting part about the evolutionary theory lecture is how stepparents treat their stepchildren. Stepfathers are more likely to injure or harm children who are not their biological children. This causes me to think about how in other species how rival males will kill the offspring of another male. This shows how in some ways we are more similar to animals than what we sometimes would hope to be.


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I agree! It is very interesting to see how evolutionary habits have affected everything, even what we find attractive. For example, women find men with hair more attractive as opposed to bald men because this demonstrates a healthy person with good genes. A man will find a woman with rosy cheeks more attractive because this demonstrates health and the ability to create healthy offspring.

I am an evolution NUTCASE, and since my major is in child psychology (a field where nurture has had less time to interfere with the psyche) I also find the topic of evolutionary psychology to be quite fascinating, especially in regards to how it relates to behavior.

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