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The concept of psychology that will stay with me beyond this semester is The Big Five. The Big Five traits of personality being extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness. This lecture and discussion stood out to me because when I took the survey I got exactly what I thought I should in all of the categories which proves to me that the test is very accurate. The Big Five are also very simple and straight forward so the concept is easily understood. On top of the simplicity the Big Five apply to every single person unlike some disorders and a lot of other concepts that we have looked at. The Big Five is consistent across all countries and anyone can be measured on these five characteristics. The activity we did in discussion with us grouped by our characteristics is another reason this concept of psychology will stay with me. The activity showed how much our traits stood out and how obviously they are. There are a lot of psychology concepts learned that were much more complicated and also more interesting but this is one that stuck with me and I will remember in years to come.


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I totally agree with you about the feelings on the big five. It is interesting to see more on ourselves from a descriptioin version. Moreover, it can be used globaly which means everyone can test on it. Good post!

I agree. At first I found the 5 traits kind of random but then I thought about it and found that those do make up the whole personality.

I agree with this. The big five traits are very interesting and the fact that one survey can place a person with their traits so accurately is crazy! The fact that this can apply to other countries as well just show how influential it can be. So many of the concepts we've learned about very between cultures but the fact that this concept is so stable is really interesting.

I remember taking the test and thinking my neuroticism score was very low, and that the test must be BS. Then the teacher announced that the score was actually reversed, and the whole class started talking. I guess I wasn't the only person to think my neuroticism score was wrong!

I think that I will remember the Big 5 personality traits too. I think that they give us good insight into our true personalities.

Those personality quizzes are all so tricky; I always approach them with hesitation and caution. Though, of course I fall victim and thoroughly analyze all the little details they give me about my personlity.

Big Five personality test is an interesting thing to look at. It is actually quite accurate and it is easy to analyze the results. I found my big five traits to be pretty much the same to what I thought my personality would be. It was really fun how we even discussed the Big Five in lecture. Using the Simpsons as a visual technique was a awesome way to describe each characteristic.

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