Final Blog: The Consciousness

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Perhaps the most striking concept talked about in Psychology 1001 was the segments about the self-consciousness. Despite the countless psychologists and philosophers who have investigated the source, nature, and workings of the consciousness, none have really made too many conclusive or comprehensive findings. Further, because the human experience is itself predicated on operation through the consciousness maybe we'll never really know the specifics or source of the consciousness. However, the segment presented in class was particularly fascinating because it made strides in pinpointing the location of the consciousness in the brain, and suggested that a unified consciousness controlling the entire body could just be an illusion. In particular, I don't think I can ever forget that the subject in the experiment wasn't able to name certain objects he was supposed to find, and yet his left hand and left eye were able to locate the object. This perhaps even suggests that there are multiple "consciousness" mechanisms working in the brain. Even when what we think of traditionally of the consciousness, controlled by the Wernicke's area, doesn't know the answer to something, the other, severed hemisphere of the brain was still able to take control and find what it was asked to find.

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I find it interesting that this is the topic you will remember most. This is a very interesting topic and confusing to understand where as most of the topics other people remembered were the more simple ones. The example you used where the subject was not able to name the objects was very interesting and intrigued me when we learned it

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