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I guess for me the one concept that we have learned about that will stick with me in 5 years from now is going to be on memory and how we store information. Knowing things like the recency effect and how that affects memory will be helpful in tasks I need to complete in everyday life even if its as simple as going to the grocery store and getting food I can use the tecnique we used to make the objects fit into a story to be better remembered. So many more things we interesting to me but that stuck out as most valuable for me.



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This is something that I will remember as well. It's amazing how our memory works and how vast our memory is able to be. I have often tried many tricks such as matching words up with other words to be able to remember them. After reading this book, I was very happy to understand more about how memory works and what tricks I could use to help me study and remember certain words.

It really is interesting how our mind works and how memory is stored. I never knew how complicated it really was until I took this class.

I definitely thought this was really cool also. Knowing how to memorize things better is essential for me because I have a terrible memory. This chapter should make things a lot easier for me.

Stories are really good for remembering different things. This may sound funny but I relate each thing I need to remember to something else that makes sense to me only. It helps me not forget things because I remember them when I think about the interesting I related it to.

How we remember things interests me as well. Sensory memory is the something that I didn't even know existed and if it wasn't for this class, I would have never learned it.

I really like your post and I think learning about memory is interesting to me and I will definitely remember the concept as well! Good post!

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