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One concept that I think I will remember 5 years from now is what we learned about memory. I found it very interesting that over time if you tell yourself something happened one way your memory will be that that is exactly how it happened even if it actually happened in a totally different way. This is something that I have encountered many times. Anytime people argue about the way things happened everyone has a little different because through time that is the way that you remember it and that is the way you will always remember it now. You could tell someone that completely wrong story of something that happened to you because through time you have almost formed a new memory through continuously saying something happened one way, when it could have happened in a much different way. Now anytime I have an argument or conflict on remembering how something happened when with a group of friends I will remember this concept. Its almost a little scary to now think when that happens none of us will really know what the real story is because who is to say we don't all have the wrong memory that is just one that we have formed to make it better?



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I also found the self-modifying memory to be quite interesting. For example, a lot of times, I will do or see something for the first time. Then afterwards, if I think about if I've done or seen it before, I can almost convince my memory I had done or seen it before. It makes me wonder just how many memories of mine have been greatly modified.

This concept was a little scary to me as well. There are some memories I have of middle school and in my memory it was happy and fun but when I really concentrate on what my memories are I know there are things that I have tweaked in my head to make sure that I don't remember them that way. It is scary that we can almost change what we remember

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