Memorable Memory

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The most memorable concept in psychology for me to learn about was memory. I thought that it was so interesting that our memories are not as accurate as we would like to think they are and that there are ways to make someone believe that they remember something that happened, even if it did not. Memory was an interesting topic for me to read about because I have played piano since I was four years old and growing up, I always had to memorize my music pieces and perform them from memory. This skill has helped me in school since I was a kid, so I was interested right away in learning about memory.
I think I will still remember facts about the human memory in five years because I will still be aware that people's flashbulb memories can change over time, short-term memory only lasts between 10-15 seconds, and since I will still be in school in five years, I know that facts on memory relating to study skills will still be relevant to me. One concept in our reading about memory that stood out to me was that remembering is hardly ever exact and involves imaginative reconstruction that consequently makes humans create their memories instead of reconstruct them. We often think that we remember events in the exact way that they happened, but that usually is not the case!
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Good post! I agree with you that memory is a interesting topic to write about.It is true that we sometimes have false memory about our perception and leave false memories about daily life. Also i sometimes have the same experience about the piano memory with you. I like your post!

Memory is so such an interesting topic. I am going into a neuroscience field and would really like to work with memory. I really enjoyed learning all of the ways that our brains can be tricked into thinking, seeing, and believing things that were never there to begin with.

I also found memory very interesting! Flashbulb memories were cool to learn about because I have experienced them, and up until class, believed I could recall every detail from a specific event, but clearly I am most likely very wrong!

Memory is definitely an interesting topic. I find it so wild that people can create memories in their mind of something that never even happened to them and they truly believe that it did. It's also interesting that we may think we remember something exactly as it was but then come to learn that we have altered our own memories in a way. I know that has happened to me a time or two!

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