Not everything is what it seems.

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The most important thing that I will take away from the class, is to reminded constantly of the correlation vs. causation aspect of psychology.

Not everything that we see, read, or hear about is true. We need to be able to turn on our filters, and really sift through all of the garbage that is thrown at us on a daily basis. We need to look behind the curtain, so to speak, and see if what we are being told is honest and true, done with well thought out experiments, and not just thrown at us to shock us into believing.

especially with election season right around the corner.

I really enjoyed the class, and getting to know some of you over the semester. I wish everyone well with their future life goals. Keep dreaming, and never settle.

I will leave by posting the sleep of reason by Goya. to remind us to be ever conscious of the world around us, and not to let monster come to life by failing to question reason.


"the sleep of reason, creates monsters"


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I really like the sentence that you said about not everything we see is what it really is. It can be take into consideration of a theory which represents this kind of thought on the issue. We need to think more on the cause and results at the same time. Good job!

Good point! I think being able to identify the difference between causation and correlation is very important for everyone to have in today's society.

Causation and correlation and their differences is something that I have learned about in three different classes now and I still don't always take in into consideration. When you see a relationship between two concepts its instinct to think that one causes the other and so on.

I like this post a lot. It is so true that everyone should looked beyond what we see and hear and search for the validity in everything. I especially enjoyed your Goya quote. No one should ever be afraid to question reason, how else would new concepts be formed?

I thought that was a very interesting thing as well. It was cool to see all the misconceptions that people have today. Even I thought a few of those points at the beginning of the book was true! It was astonishing to see all those points being completely false but it makes sense now that I know why. But, now that I know this, why do these misconceptions keep getting formed? There are many variables to this theory. Media, Peers, authoritative people may be all saying these misconceptions.

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