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I found a few things to be quite memorable from this semester! One thing that I found memorable was how people are attracted to one another. The fact that it's normalness and symmetry that attracts people just blew my mind because so many people in our world fight to be unique in order to be loved and that's not even what people want! And of course it stuck out to me that women are more attractive and symmetrical while ovulating... who knew, right? Well, I'm glad I know now! Another chapter I found very interesting was the whole personality section. People's various personalities interest me so much! We are all so different in how we act and react and feel that I just love seeing the differences. Now I find myself comparing people's extroversion or agreeableness from the Big 5 and I started thinking about the Myers-Briggs test and how all of those types vary between my own friends. (I'm ESFJ by the way) Not to mention the strength's finder stuff. Learning about all of that was just riveting for me, plus a lot of fun to take the quizzes and have them put into words how I act more one way or another. Watch this video and try to figure out what you are:

Then take the Myers-Briggs test and learn what you are in percentages and see if it matches up!!


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I also thought it was intriguing to learn about how people find others attractive. Especially since we find average-ness the most attractive but most people feel they need to have exotic looks to be attractive and that normal is an insult.

When they asked the question who do you think people find more attractive unique looking people or usual (normal) looking people I for sure thought it would be the unique one. I was wrong its funny how people find girls or guys that have a pretty normal usual looking face more attractive. When it comes to big five I can remember it well because of "OCEAN." It makes it so much easier to remember each section.

Very interesting clip. I agree, after I had taken this course, I got a new outlook on life. How just because we want to be with that really cute guy sitting across the table in your psych class, doesn't mean that you'll actually be compatible personality wise.

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