Persuasion Techniques of the Obama Campaign

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Do you have student loans? I recommend watching this short clip of President Obama slow jamming the news on Jimmy Fallon last night.

Humor and likability are persuasive ways to get people to vote for you. I think this technique is working well for Obama.

When you first log on to the website asks you for your E-mail address and phone number. This is an example of the Foot-in-the-door technique, and I think that it works well. It is a very small request, with no money or time commitment involved, and may get the person involved sometime after the 2 seconds it takes to give that information over.

Another website that promotes Obama's re-election is his Facebook page. Facebook is a very powerful tool, especially if you're trying to garner the youth vote. One persuasion technique used on this website is the "Characteristics of the Messenger" technique.clooney-and-jpg
Obama is endorsed by and poses with one of the most famous and popular actors in the country George Clooney. Research shows that we're more likely to be persuaded if the message is delivered by attractive people. I think this may be preaching to the choir a bit, but if even the smallest percentage of people are persuaded by this, it would be a worthwhile technique of the campaign.


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I find this post very interesting because it really is a good persuasive technique. If what the candidate does makes you laugh, it will stick out in your mind and that is the guy/girl you will remember when voting.

This kind of analysis is really interesting, as often these advertisements have so many layers of persuasion and thought put into them. For example, for just the advertisement above, I bet there was considerable thought put into the background color, pose and position of the figures and text to create the optimum persuasive effect. Personally, I remember liking Obama as a candidate before I even learned that much about him, showing how subconsciously effect these kinds of persuasive techniques are.

I really like how you brought Facebook into this post. It gets such a negative reputation, but it is a great influence in many different societal issues. I also never thought about how giving your email is the foot-in-the-door technique. I will probably notice this whenever I am asked to give my email in the future.

This is a very interesting post! It is cool to see the concepts we learned about in class in things like the election and Facebook that are relevant in our everyday lives.

I really liked how you tied the concepts we learned in class to such a related and current topic. I want to work on political campaigns in the future so this post was really interesting to me!

Obama used many persuasion techniques so effectively during his 2008 campaign. I think his use of persuasion on the internet, like the foot in the door technique you identified, attributed greatly to his win in 2008.

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