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This semester in Psychology 1001 has been very interesting and full of many topics that I hope to carry with me throughout my life. There are a few things, however, that I am certain I will remember after at least the next five years.

Social psychology is really interesting to me because it directly applies to everyday life.
Everyone is affected by the influence of society. In some way or another we all conform and I find it really interesting to see how we usually do not even realize how much society is influencing us. We consider ourselves individuals, but through being individuals, that gives us all something in common essentially taking away our individuality.

The reason that I know that I will remember this for the next five years is because I have always tried to stray away from social influences, but now I know that it is not necessarily a bad thing. If we were all dramatically different, there would never be any compromise in the world. On the other hand, we must be aware of social influences and not blindly follow what others want us to do. Therefore, I think that from now on, I will always be aware of how society influences me.



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I found social psychology interesting too. Especially how it differs from culture to culture. For example, China is a collectivist culture in which conformity is valued whereas in America, an individualistic culture conformity is bad.

I agree with the blog and the comment above. People conform so SO much even when they are think they are being individuals. Right after we had the discussion section about this topic my friend had someone visit her from Mississippi. When I met this friend from Mississippi she had a lot of questions about what we do in MInnesota because she didn't want to stand out. I thought that connected to it well because she was so worried about standing out and wanted to conform to what MInnesota is like.

We all conform in different ways without even realizing at times. It is very interesting how social psychology works. I agree with you, changing isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as we are careful about the ways we change. We shape according to the society we are surrounded by.

I agree with you that conformity is definitely all around us. Sometimes we decide to conform to a group's norm so that we can fit in better and other times we want to express ourselves as individuals. There are moments when we feel comfortable standing out, but usually it's just easier to conform and go with what everyone else is doing.

I think society strongly influences what we do. I am conforming right now by just agreeing with what everybody else has to say . Everyone conforms in a way even if they don't want to admit it.

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