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I think one of the most useful topics we discussed in this psychology class was the areas of the brain, and their functions. The brain is so complex, and the book was able to label the brain into an easy way to understand all of the functions and area of the brain. I gained a lot of knowledge from this part of the class, and when I'm older this information will also be useful. I think the main reason why I will remember all the areas of the brain, and where they are in the brain is because I spent so much time studying for this part of the test. The most interesting part of the brain for me was the occipital lobe, and how it relates to visualizing information. One of the most surprising things I learned while reading the book was that each part of the brain, while it still interrelates, it still all has different functions. I was also very interested by Broca's area of the brain, and Wernicke's area. It was very surprising that such different areas could be used for different aspects of speech. Since all of this information was interesting to me I will remember for years to come. brain.gif


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The brain is so complex, it is nice having a diagram like this to show the different areas and functions. One could spend a lifetime trying to unravel the mysteries in the brain and still only complete a small section. I thought this part of our class was very interesting as well.

One of the reasons that the brain will be something I remember is because it is so fascinating. The brain is so complex and does so many things I think we all have things about it that will always stick out because it is hard to believe that the brain is capable of the many things it does!

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