the thing about gay marriage is...

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I'm for it.

first and foremost because I think that two people of the same sex are able to fall in love with each other, and if they want to be with the person the love for the rest of their life, that is their choice.

I really don't see what all of the fuss is about.

Most religions seem to hate homosexuals, so i'm sure someone will comment saying that the bible said that marriage is between a man and a woman.
...well let me stop you right there because I am not a christian, so i really don't care what the bible has to say.

we are talking about people, real human beings with real emotions. Just because you aren't interested in falling in love with a person of the same sex doesn't mean that your neighbor might not be, and i don't think you have the right to condemn them for that.

sexual orientation isn't something you choose, it's the way you are born. By not letting homosexuals get married we are saying that there is something wrong with them for being born that way, and to me, that is ignorant and wrong.

it's as simple as that.



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I really agree with the point that you mentioned. We don't have the right to condemn people of homosexuals. It is their choice to choose their loving and decide their rest of the life. It is kind of none of other people's business and everyone has their choice. It does not make any sense if people try to involve and forbid it.

I completely agree with you. I am actually writing a paper right now for another class about why gay marriage should be legal and how a religious basis for opposing gay marriage is unjustified. Also, I totally agree with you in that people are just people and should have the ability to marry each other if they love one another. The sex of the people should not matter at all.

Completely agree. Bible hates homosexuality, however, our government isn't grounded by Christianity. All arguments against gay marriage are fallacious and built by propaganda. In order for our country to be more humanitarian, it needs to focus on all man-kind, not just the ones Christians prefer. Just like Christians vs gays, republicans and democrats don't like each other much...but they both can get married. The "land of the free" doesn't provide much freedom for gay people.

it's pretty awesome to see all of the support that this is getting. I know three people in a class doesn't seem like much, but I really think that our generation is making a turn for the better.

We seem to be more open, connected, and concerned about human rights and environmental issues, and it's pretty awesome and inspiring to be a part of.

I know not everyone will agree with our viewpoint, but change is coming.

the bottom line is you don't need to force your religious view onto everyone you meet. that's why they are called YOUR religious views. it is possible to not believe what your friends believe and still get along.

we need to stop hating and oppressing those who are different from ourselves, based only on the fact that they are different. If we were all alike, the world would be a terribly boring, uninventive, and horrible place to live.

I agree that it shouldn't matter if it is the same sex or not. If two people love each other they should have the right to be together for the rest of their lives with no problem. Everyone deserves to be happy and should be able to be with who makes them happy.

I AGREE WITH YOU COMPLETELY!!! No one has the right to tell others how to live their lives. When heterosexuals don't ask for the societies opinion when getting married what makes them think they have a right to make decisions for homosexuals. LOVE is LOVE no one can change that. Not letting them get married will not stop them from being gay or stop them from choosing the same sex partner. I think its their right to be able to get married. When they are in relationships just like everyone else they should have the same benefits like healthcare support from a partners job and that can only happen when you are married so they get affected in many ways.

At the risk of being the one person who will disagree let me produce a disclaimer, I am not condemning nor do I hate people who are gay, or support gay rights in any way, it’s not my place and this is my opinion just like what everyone else here said was theirs. With that being said I want to say a few things about your argument and other’s agreements that don’t seem sound to me. One, you stated “most religions seem to hate homosexuals” and went on to only argue against Christians and the Bible when there are clearly many other religions in the world. As a tag along with that I want to say that nowhere in the Bible does it say that “Bible hates homosexuality”-as one of the other comments says. The Bible doesn’t preach hate as people want to believe. God loves all people no matter what their sexual orientation, he sees it a sin yes but any sin can be overcome with Christ- which is preached heavily in the Bible. Two, I don’t know that you can state assuredly that sexual orientation is the way you were born. That question was even gone through in the textbook and as far as I can remember they said that no one can positively say that sexual orientation is or isn’t the way they are born. Be careful to state things as fact when they are clearly arguable and haven’t been found to be true. Three, to the person who said that our government isn’t grounded by Christianity, I would say you are wrong. Our government was founded in Christianity, hence the Pledge of Allegiance and our money “…in God we trust…”. Also, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe we’ve had a president for our country that hasn’t been at least a nominal Christian. Please believe I’m not trying to be mean or hate-on everyone who has said something here, I just thought a few weak points should be brought out.

I appreciate how respectful you are.
I am not going to try and come at you, merely respond to what you have said.

I chose to single out christianity because that is the religion that I have the most experience in dealing with people that really don't like homosexuals or gay marriage. Of all the religions in America it is the most popular, so naturally the most people that are religious and coming out against gay marriage are christian.

I completely agree that the bible is there to preach love and respect, but I feel people tend to stray from that path, and condemn the people around them based on simple differences.

I am not saying that all christians are like this, or that you are like this, I am just saying it tends to happen whenever I talk to very active christians about homosexuality.

As for the second part, you are right, I can't state surely that sexual orientation is 100% the way you are born, but all of the choices we make are based on chemical signaling in our brain. We are born with a certain potential, and the environment guides that potential. What i'm trying to get at is, even if it's a life choice and not something you are born with, it's that persons choice, and no one else's, and we should be respectful of that.

just as it may be someone choice to follow a particular religion. I have no problem with that, and I will never tell you that you shouldn't believe in a god because that is a choice you have made for yourself ( or possible the way you were born ).

as for the part on the government and christianity, it is off topic, so i won't get into it.

I really just want to be respectful of everyone else on this planet that I live with, and I don't that we should condemn or limit people based on sexual orientation.

I too appreciate your respect.

I find all too often that people who are for gay marriage condemn people who are against it more than the people who are against it may condemn gays. It makes things interesting (and slightly frustrating) when people are fighting pro-gay marriage vs. anti-gay marriage without the homosexual people being involved at all, particularly when it becomes a fight between those people that has nothing to do with the issue at hand. I think people in a general sense look for reasons to fight or find fault with others, maybe to set themselves up in a higher position than others, or any number of other reasons, but honestly I think we should all live in peace. And overall that is the goal of a Christian (even if it may not be your experience with them), not to attack the homosexual but to love him, show him the love and peace that God has, and point out his sin (which in this case is the homosexuality). It should look no different than a Christian pointing out the sin in murder or lying (which are also both choices and/or the way someone was born) but there is a myriad of reasons why it tends to be different, most of which I’m sure I can’t explain and/or know. If that sounds preachy, I apologize; I only intend to bring out a side of the coin that is frequently attacked more than gay marriage itself. If we are to be respectful of everyone on the planet we must be careful not to condemn the gays OR the Christians.

I enjoyed reading this blog quite a bit. You said your opinions very well in a very direct way. I also agree with you that not letting homosexuals get married is wrong because it's preventing them from having a right everyone else has. Also, I liked the picture you used.

I agree that being gay is not a choice. I think it is very clear based on children that are full of guilt and regret due to the feelings they feel for someone of the same sex. Some people are even too fearful to come out of the closet, ever in their life. However, Christians can be gay too. I think it actually is ignorant to say that "I am not Christian and don't really care what the bible has to say, etc;" In fact, some Christians are so guilty about being gay that they have killed themselves, harmed themselves, etc; Some Christians are gay too.

I was fascinated by the comments on this blog, how respectfully the conversation has gone. I agree that no one should have the right to tell someone else who they can marry. We live in a world with many very different perspectives on things yet people still seem to get along. It’s not someone’s place to tell anyone else how to live their life.

Not all Christians are against gay marriage and just because one is a Christian does not mean they have to be against gay marriage. The Lutheran church that I go to has been a "Reconciling in Christ" church for many years now and is fully accepting and welcoming to members of all sexual orientations.

@ stetl007
that's pretty awesome that some christian churches are coming around and incorporating that into there service. do you know what the overall opinion is about gay marriage at your church ? it would be interesting to hear about

Its really cool that you choose to write about this in your blog and it is becoming a hot topic in the media in the last decade so it was cool to hear your opinion on it

This topic in recent media has become huge, and I think it has a right to do so. I'm not sure yet what to believe, because at some points I think that gay marriage is wrong coming from christianity, but people should have the choice to do what they want to do. I also believe that feelings of being gay are genetic, and that these people don't "choose" to be gay. I often have fights with my family on this topic, because they think that gays choose to be gay, and that is what they want. I feel that this isn't true, and I feel like gays are born this way.

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