What I Will Remember From Psych 1001: When Sweet Children Become Conniving Monsters

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I have learned about so many interesting topics this year in Psychology 1001, it is hard to choose just one that will be the most memorable for me. However, I do know that I found the human development section most interesting and will likely remember a lot of what I learned about it for long to come.

I was so fascinated by this topic because I never really thought about how a child's brain develops or how different a child's brain is compared to an adult's. While I knew that children were unable to understand many puzzles and tasks that someone even two years older than them could complete with ease, I never understood why this was or how they developed these thinking abilities.

Specifically, the idea of self concept and theory of mind, or our ability to reason about what other people know of belief really stick out in my mind. It is so interesting how most children at age 3 are unable to knowingly deceive someone, but then usually around age four, children are able to. I specifically remember my older sister tricking me into believing that a penny was worth more than a dollar, so I traded her all of my one dollar bills for pennies!

This hilarious video goes to show how easily young children can be deceived by adults, check it out for a good, quick study break!


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I agree! I never realized the different stages they went through to begin thinking like an adult.
This video is hilarious! I've seen it once before.

This video is an awesome one! I really like the concept that you pulled as well and I was fascinated by the fact that so much can change in just one year of a child's life. What your sister did is just crazy! Of course I can see that kids are like that. I have a funny little story. My little neighbor girl was eating cake with her dad one day when she told her dad the cake was all gone so she wanted to share with him. He shared his cake with her and then after his piece was gone she goes oops! The napkin covered my cake and proceeded to eat the rest of her cake! so sneaky and she was just 3 and a half!

This video is great! Its so interesting the different levels of cognitive ability kids have and how they can change so drastically in just a year. This was a really intriguing concept to learn about because at our age we can understand the complexity of deception and find it so humorous that children can't, yet we still remember stories of our childhood when we were so cleverly deceived. I know when I think about stories like those from my past I'm embarrassed.

After watching this video my mom assured me I was the little smartass at the end in the red PJs. This kid is so good at arguing at his very young age he must be a genius. In child psych we went over that part of what separates kids from adolescents is the ability to come up with rational arguments, and this kid is already there.

I enjoyed watching the children's reactions to the video and it made me think how children react to hearing "devastating " news. This clearly shows how young children's brains aren't as developed as adult's brains are.

When I posted this video I didn't even think about how formulated that boy's arguments are and how developed his thought process was, good observation! He acts like an adult in a child's body.

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