What's With This IAT Test?

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I chose to take a demonstration IAT test that was associated with age. The test has the participant put their fingers on two keys on the keyboard, and then has them sort pictures of young and old faces. It then associated the word good with young, and bad with old, then has you again categorize the faces. The terms are then switched to young being associated with bad, and old being associated with good. Your preference is based on how long it took you to categorize them in each trial. After finishing the test, my results were that I have a "moderate preference toward young people." This test, and others like it (some of the other test options were weapons, religions, race, weight, sexuality) are designed to measure some of our unconscious prejudices. In my case, I supposedly prefer young faces to old. Some of the other tests measure a variety of prejudices including racism, sexism, and homophobia. I would encourage you to try one of the tests yourself:


Keep in mind though, when reviewing your results that it is still unclear as to whether the IAT actually measures stereotypes, or simply the awareness of these stereotypes. So, while these research methods do make some sense in their ability to recognize these prejudices, they still lack complete validity because the scores and their findings could be based on a handful of participants with extreme scores. Nevertheless, it is an interesting and worth while site to visit.


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That is so weird, but I don't know if i believe the test is completely valid. Since you started with the word good matched with young, it is easier to begin with a word then to change it back to the opposite. think that might skew the results a bit. But i do find it very interesting and think it is cool that they created a test to measure unconscious prejudices.

This test seems extremely interesting. Does it give any reasons as to why you would like younger faces or does it only tell you that you do? In the future, hopefully they can find out if it really just our awareness of the stereotypes or not.

I actually did one of these tests for a REP study earlier this year. It was about race and words such as good or violent. It was really interesting but unfortunately I didn't find out my results which I am now I am really curious about.

You could take it again if you follow the link on the blog. It only takes about ten minutes, and it will give you the results!

Might have to try this out now, I'll let you know aht my results are!

This sounds very interesting! I'm taking a youth studies class currently that tries to help break stereotypes and this seems really relevant. I might have to bring it up in my class someday! It definitely makes you realize the role your subconscious mind plays during these tests.

I would love to give this a try sometime. I tried earlier but was not able to press the "I" key so it didn't work very well. Interesting to know my bias thought.

Wow! I never would have thought there would be a really easy test to take to check for stereotypes. I'll definitely take a couple of the tests now to see what ones I have.

Hi all! I tried the weight one, and my results said that I had no preference of skinny people over fat people...I am interested on how they measure such a thing.

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