A Scientific Experiment

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The concept of what constitutes a sound scientific experiment is something I learned this year In Psychology that I will be most likely to remember in 5 years.

I had a general idea of what made an experiment accurate, but now I feel that I understand completely. Now, whenever a read an article or listen to a news story, I approach the information being given to me differently. I'm now curious about whether an experiment being reported has been replicated by someone else, and how the group of participants in the study were randomly chosen and randomly assigned. I'm also more aware of people possible biases.

In this world we are constantly being bombarded with information, and after taking this course I feel I am better able to sort through that information and decide for myself what to believe, instead of just accepting everything at face value.



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I agree with this post. I think this class has had a major effect on how most of us will approach and think about experiments that we learn about from here on out. I definitely feel that now I am able to fully understand an experiment and get out what I think researches intend for people to get out of them. This is one major positive outcome of this because I think everyone has learned the ability to think deeper about scientific experiments.

I agree with this post as well. I think there was a perfect example of this in class when we went over the results of the experiments we did. One group did who listens to music more males or females? The result was males and the reason for this has a lot more to do with whether they are males or not and that is a perfect example of looking into an experiment further than the obvious results.

I totally agree with how our views have changed and we approach accuracy in a different way. The things we see in the media should be approached carefully as well because they tend to leave out major parts of studies and make it a lot more dramatic. Before we decide on anything we need to research it well.

I think that what makes a good experiment is something that I'll remember too. I think that this class has made us use critical thinking skills to answer questions.

Psychology has made me look at the world in a different light and lens. That I just can't approach one thing and say that it's happening simply because of this one thing, because that would interfere with falsifiability or even occam's razor.

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