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There are many nature vs. nurture disputes going on today. One of the biggest disputes revolves around homosexuality and whether it is inherited or if it is a result of your environment. The first article I read is called "What Makes People Gay?". This article talks about a variety of studies done on areas of the brain regarding homosexuality. One of the most ground-breaking studies involves the area of the brain called the 'hypothalamus', and this region is shown to be two times larger in heterosexual men. This is said to be the "nature" side of the argument. There is also several other studies done on the nature-end involving sex hormone distribution in the womb and how if these sex hormones aren't distributed to a male fetus during their fetal stages, then they could continue on the path of the female brain (and with their attraction to men). The "nurture" side of a homosexuality debate is typically more controversial. People assume that if homosexuality isn't embedded into your brain, then you have chosen it in your upbringing. When people assume someone is gay by choice, many think it is unnatural, sinful, and some have even considered it a disease. (Refer to second article) Many claim that if homosexuality is a choice, then people have chosen it to be rebellious, or because someone they know has chosen homosexuality.
My reaction to these two articles is kind of surprised! I really had no knowledge that people had actually found relativity between homosexuality and the brain. Now that I know this, I think it is far more plausible that homosexuality is genetically related. I never thought gay people had chosen to be gay, but this confirms it in a sense for me. As far as environmental factors, I think the most contribution from their environments comes from the environment in the womb (where the sex hormones are distributed). Nature and Nurture both contribute in my opinion. Other factors that could contribute are environmental factors such as how many brothers you have, which is statistically shown (for gay men) to increase their chances of homosexuality. However, I don't think these contributions are statistically significant.article_gay_pride-739745.jpg

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