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My nephew Jace is three years old and therefore falls into the category of the 2-7 year old age range that Piaget refers to in the text. According to Piaget, this is the "preoperational stage", where children's mental representation differs from their physical experience. In other words, their imagination blossoms. Jace definitely depicts these characteristics so I was curious to test him in these "conservation" tests. With Jace, I simply put his favorite juice in two different cups. These cups were very similar and held the same amount of juice. Then, there was a tall, narrow bottle. When I poured the liquid from one of the cups into the bottle, Jace wanted the bottle more than the cup because he wanted more juice. The bottle and the cup held the same amount of juice, but he failed to realize it based on the appearance of the liquid. I tried explaining to him that the cup had just as much, but he wouldn't believe it. I thought this was an example of egocentrism. He didn't want to look at the juice from a different perspective other than his own. image004.jpg

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