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In this chapter, the textbook goes into more detail about the biological stand point of the study of psychology. For example, it talks about the different sections of the brain and what the different "jobs" for each section is. The Cerebral Cortex is the Forebrain or the main body. Psychologist are interested most in this section because this is the most highly developed area of the brain. In other words, it carries the most information. A section or Lobe of the Cortex that is popular in my view point is the Frontal Lobe. This part deals with memory, motor planning, and language. Alcohol targets this area making it hard to remember certain things when ingesting it. It also slurs speech and wobbles a person's movement with enough ingested.
This chapter also focuses on reactions and nerve cells especially. It describes the different parts of the nerve and what is the chain reaction when a nerve cell is alerted. Otherwise known as a Neurotranmitter which are different between each different messenger. The transmitters do different jobs just like the different lobes in the brain. The transmitter that goes in hand with depression is Serotonin. This chemical controls mood, temperature regulation, aggression, and sleep cycles. This chapter is very interesting since it goes through the scientific outlook on how reactions work. nervecell.gif

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