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There are a lot of us who may know or knew someone with Alzheimer's which is a form of Dementia. Dementia is where there is a loss of brain function. With Alzheimer's, this effect gradually worsens as time goes on. It affects memory, language, and behavior. Things that may be a factor in the causation in Alzheimer's are age, genes, being female, having head trauma, or having high blood pressure for a significant period of time. Although, having Mercury, Aluminum, or lead in the brain is not a factor for causing Alzheimer's anymore. Symptoms that go with Alzheimer's is having problems with memory, language, behavior, or judgement. It is not just being "forgetful", it is also being not able to problem solve or comprehend a multitude of things such as forgetting recent conversations or take longer to preform difficult task. One can have many test preform to rule out other brain issues if this is happening to someone. For example, someone can make sure they do not have a brain tumor or a vitamin deficiency. The only known way to for sure see if someone had Alzheimer's, however, is to examine a piece of brain tissue after death and search for various areas of dying nerve cells. Although there is no known cure for Alzheimer's, a major treatment is to just slow down the process. Taking drugs can help slowing down the process of nerve cells dying, however, the symptoms that are associated with Alzheimer's just typically get worse. Another way to help this process is to change the environment around you to hopefully help you preform simple task longer. Even just knowing that one may have this condition may improve the person since they are aware of why certain things may be changing. Lastly, another helpful element is the love from family and friends who will, hopefully, help out their loved one as much as they can. Unfortunately, there is no proven way to prevent Alzheimer's. However, there are some simple changes that may lower one's chance in perhaps getting Alzheimer's. One can eat a low fat diet or eat cold-water fish rich in omega-3. Also maintaining a normal blood pressure and being social throughout one's life is ideal as well. alzheimer.jpg

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